Bob climbed Scafell Pike without supplementary oxygen, July 21, 1995


Workshop in honor of Bob McEliece's 60th birthday

Caltech, May 24-25 2002

Friday, May 24th, 2002
Session 1: (9AM-12PM):
Coding and other Topics
(Chairs: Paddy Farrell and Henk van Tilborg)
Session 2: (2PM-5PM):
Cryptography and Sequences
(Chairs: Bahram Honary and Sol Golomb)
7PMReception, Caltech Athenaeum
7:30PMBanquet, Caltech Athenaeum
Saturday, May 25th, 2002
Session 3: (9AM-12PM):
Shannon Theory and Coding Bounds
(Chairs: Oliver Collins and Mike Pursley)
Session 4: (2PM-5PM):
Decoding: Theory and Applications
(Chairs: Ilya Dumer and Will Lin)
All sessions in 134 Beckman Institute (building 74 on the map).

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