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 FROM: Daniel Jonathan               Tue 29/5/01

The purpose of the camqn list was and remains to bring together members of the
Cambridge academic community with an interest in Quantum Information Science.
All points of view/perspectives are welcome.
We hope that the list will become a focus point for discussions, announcements
and other news of interest to the community, which remains largely 
disconnected at present.

As a first step towards the revitalisation of this link, we are creating a new
(hopefully weekly) seminar series at DAMTP, devoted to all aspects of
Quantum Information and Computation. Talks are intended to be fairly informal
and ranging from surveys to in-depth presentation of new work.

In principle, the time/venue will be 2pm Thursdays in Meeting Room 6 at the
Centre for Mathematical Sciences.  MR6 is in the basement of block B,
the building at the far end of the central core. We may of course review 
this choice
if it is inconvenient for a  large fraction of interested people.

For the latest seminar information, please join the egroup
 and read the archive.

 Daniel Jonathan                          |  tel +44-1223-766833
Stokes Research Fellow, Pembroke College   |  fax +44-1223-766883
DAMTP - University of Cambridge          |


A.P.A.Kent@damtp.  Adrian Kent
j.s.barrett@damtp. Jon Barrett

# Computer Lab
Andrew.Pitts@cl.   Andrew Pitts

# Chemistry
rf110@cus.  Ray Freeman

# Cavendish SP Group:
Dr Crispin Barnes  chwb101
Dr Julian Shilton   jms34
Andy Robinson      amr1006
sdb21@cam             Sean Barrett  
aa267                 Atif Aziz              
cgs4 Charles Smith (SP, I think)
dac33@hermes David Crawley  
# TCM group:
Dr Yu Shi           ys219
MCP1@phy    Mike Payne
bds10@phy Ben Simons

# ME / HCL:
Andrew Ferguson    ajf1006@cam

# Rutherford building
mackay@mrao           David J.C. MacKay
steve@mrao            Steve Gull
sanjoy@mrao           Sanjoy Mahajan

# Engineering
ri10001@eng. Dr Radu Ionicioiu     
dkk20@hermes. Denis Koltsov
rpc12@cus.   Russell Cowburn
ga@eng.      Gehan Amaratunga 
fu@eng.      Florin Udrea     
aep20@eng.   Anca Popescu     
rkmn2@eng.   Ranick Ng        

# MRC: 
gjm@mrc-lmb Graeme Mitchison

David MacKay
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