Carl is from Cape Town, South Africa and currently a director of Siyavula, an education technology company. His academic background and interests are in applying statistical inference to complex problems.

Carl Scheffler

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This site is depressingly out of date, but still the most current thing I have. I might get around to updating it someday.


phd, machine learning, computer vision


Low cost gaze tracking using a webcam. This comprises the bulk of my PhD work.

fun, tech, community development


A global project providing education and community development through high tech fabrication labs.

phd, machine learning, computational linguistics
language modelling

Language Modelling

Statistical modelling of human language for predictive text entry.

fun, crypto


How to break a 90 year old cipher.

Recent writings

Cracking Chaocipher  Following the recent revelation of the mechanism underlying a 90 year old encryption method, the messages provided as a challenge and proof of its strength by its creator can now be cracked relatively easily. [HTML]