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We are eager to welcome new members to join the music committee.

The music committee

  1. helps put musicians in touch with each other to form ensembles and bands
  2. organises occasional informal concerts in college
  3. organises other musical events in college, eg Brazilian drumming evening
  4. appoints the director of the college choir
  5. buys sheet music for the college choir
  6. buys and maintains musical equipment for the use of college members


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Who's who

Music Committee Roles

Chair & Treasurer: David MacKay (djcm1)
Secretary: books the meeting room, circulates the agenda, and takes minutes of meetings.
DCSA liason: submits a budget on behalf of the music society to the DCSA (eg for concerts, equipment, sheet music), and tries to ensure it is spent. One thing needed in the budget is a count of members of the music society. Semen Trygubenko sat39@cam
Piano person: arranges the tuning of the grand piano.
Choir coordinator:
Website and email manager:
Freshers' concert organiser:
Informal concert organiser:
Equipment manager. - Rock band equipment, Music stands.
Notice boards and advertisements.
Database: Putting musicians in touch with each other, Freshers' fair: Giselle Walker gw265@cam
Wise old man: Alan Blackwell- Alan.Blackwell@cl.cam.ac.uk
Organise distribution of free concert tickets - Charlotte Rusby car22@cam

Minutes of Music Committee Meetings held in person on Tuesday 24th October and electronically Thu Nov 30 2006, Thu Dec 14 2006


Alan Blackwell, David MacKay, Giselle Walker, and Martin Rohrmeier.
  1. New names. Giselle collected about 20 names of musical people on Oct 17th at the freshers' fair, but none came to the committee meeting.
  2. Offers of concerts were received from various performers, including Helen Arnold, Graeme Mitchison, and Karl Sandeman; Fusae Takahashi (a friend of the vicar of Little St Mary's); and James Sherlock (who gave a fine concert of piano music on Wednesday 6 June). Dates were agreed:
    • Martin Rohrmeier and Vee Barbary - 15 November
    • Fusae Takahashi - 13th of December this year : Kristian Rahbek Knusden (violin) and Fusae Takahashi (piano)
    • James Sherlock - 29th November
    • Graeme Mitchison, Karl Sandeman and Helen Arnold - 6 December
    • Orlando Singers - 30th November Mozart and Haydn, done as a proper concert (but with a retiring collection for charity, and internal advertising, rather than concert-license-requiring conditions)
  3. Choir (Orlando singers): It was noted that the choir failed to deliver a proper concert for the college in June. It was agreed to push the choir to deliver regular concerts for the enjoyment of the Darwin community, in accordance with the original agreement. Giselle asked Peter Horley on June 21st to plan to give Darwin performances _after_ each Orlando public concert. Ben Lishman is now the official college liaison person for the Orlandos. [bsrl2@cam]
Notes of further electronic discussions:
  1. Wed Nov 15 2006 Martin Rohrmeier and Vee Barbary concert was a great success. (This concert had an audience of 65.)
  2. Wed Dec 14 2006. A concert by Kristian Rahbek Knudsen (Violin) and Fusae Takahashi (Piano) went well. Audience was about 45. Darwin turnout was probably only 4 on time and 5 late arrivals - almost all the audience were friends of the performers. Perhaps it was a poor choice of date for Darwinians.
  3. There were problems with the other two concerts, leading to both being cancelled. On one occasion a double booking of the hall had been made and had gone unnoticed.
  4. a concert was given by the college choir on Weds 30th November, to the enjoyment of some of the college community. Despite a reasonable amount of advertising not many people turned up, but this may be an accurate reflection of the number of people in college interested in classical music. Ben is being encouraged to encourage the choir to give a short concert at the beginning of Easter term.
  5. the concert ticket scheme was not well patronised last term, but is being very well patronised this term - again it seems to be something that fluctuates unpredictably. The process of getting concert program/ticket material from Kettle's Yard to the bursar to the assistant Dean to a member of the music committee might need optimisation as it frequently leads to the first concert of term being missed because the music committee doesn't yet know anything is on by the date of the first concert.
  6. Music was performed at the dinner after the first Darwin lecture of 2007, and everyone present seemed to really enjoy it if the requests for this to happen more often are any indication.. The funds for this came from the David White memorial fund; and Chester and Liz were at the dinner and duly thanked in private afterwards.

Minutes of Music Committee Meeting held 5.45pm Thu 23/3/06

present: Giselle Walker gw265, Alan Blackwell (afb21), Chester White, Dustin Frazier (dmf30), Martin Rohrmeier (mr397@cam), Semen Trygubenko sat39@cam (DCSA liason for music committee), David MacKay djcm1 (Chair, Treasurer). apologies: Charlotte Rusby car22
  1. The committee signed a card to thank David Earl for his fine concert, which was his third (at least) for Darwin. The retiring collection raised £63 for the David White Memorial Fund.
  2. Chester White raised the idea of inviting a distinguished musician to take on the title of musician in residence at Darwin, a position that would carry no financial remuneration. The committee agreed to discuss this idea further at its next meeting.
  3. Concerts. It was agreed that we would aim to hold a series of concerts in Darwin next term. Invitations will be issued as follows
    1. mc513 Melody Chan (solo violin) and lh336 Myla (Liudmyla) Hvozdyk (piano) - May 10th (DJCM to invite)
    2. Helen Arnold, Graeme Mitchison, and Hugh (voices and piano) - May 3rd (Alan to invite)
    3. Dan Tidhar (Harpsichord) - May 17th or 31st (Alan to invite)
    4. James Sherlock js515 (Trinity, piano) - June 7th (DJCM to invite)
    5. Orlando singers - June 14th or 21st (Giselle to invite)
    6. Martin Rohrmeier - June 14th or 21st (to follow a lunch-time talk the preceding week, ideally)
  4. Choir. The Orlando singers have 3 Darwin members. Informal / dress-rehearsal concerts have not happened in Darwin, perhaps because the material performed in the Orlando's main concerts is too challenging. It was agreed that Giselle, as choir liason, should emphasize that we do expect informal choral concerts, preferably one per term.
  5. Subscription tickets. Giselle noted that tickets for String Quartet concerts at West Road have been popular, as have mainstream Kettles Yard concerts. "New Music" concert tickets have not been popular.
    Dustin Frazier agreed to take over the job of ticket-advertiser and lottery-handler for the rest of the year.
  6. Accounts and Equipment. Owing to a lack of music-society members at the DCSA meeting when the budget was confirmed, the music society allocation was regrettably reduced to zero. The DCSA Ents organization had agreed to fund at least one piece of music equipment repair that would otherwise have been paid for by the music society budget. Semen had kindly taken initiative involving a number of 18-mile trips to arrange these economical repairs.
    It was agreed to ask the College Accountant to pay for the other expenses incurred since the last meeting, namely £100 for sheet music and £289 for a Hercules interface.

Minutes of Music Committee Meeting held 6pm Friday October 14th 2005

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Minutes of the Music Committee meeting held 6th October 2004

Present: Giselle Walker gw265, Alan Blackwell, Lavinia Low lcl25, Yoon Choi yhc24, Michael Moosberger mpm38, Michelle Crowe mec38, Charlotte Rusby car22, Semen Trygubenko sat39@cam (DCSA liason for music committee), Kat Breslin kb319, David MacKay djcm1 (Chair, Treasurer).
  1. Subscription tickets. Charlotte Rusby offered to administer these tickets this year. It was agreed that subscriptions to Kettles Yard, Endellion, and the West Road Instrument Loan Concerts would all be nice to have. [David MacKay has asked the Bursar to order the tickets for Kettles Yard and Endellion and given him CR's details.]
  2. Equipment management. Michael Moosberger volunteered to become manager of the drum kit and related equipment.
  3. Rock band practice times. Because the bar opens at 9pm instead of 10pm, evening practices in college have become impossible. Because two bands are active at the moment, the difficulty of finding practice times is acute. Other colleges have soundproof practice rooms, but Darwin has none. Moving the band equipment to other locations is difficult - insurance normally constrains the equipment to stay on site, and the gear is very heavy.
    The bands would like to practice from 2pm to 6pm on Sundays, but this request has met with objections from a small number of individuals.
    The committee agreed to recommend that the following compromise be adopted for a trial period:
    (1) The music committee will buy practice pads for the drum kit, which reduce the volume of the drums. The bands will undertake to use the practice pads for 75% of their practice time. (2) The bands will encourage members of college to let them know if their practice volume is disturbing them. (3) The bands should be allowed to practice in the Common Room from 2pm to 6pm on Sundays.
  4. Freshers' fair (Monday 11th Oct). Giselle and Semen volunteered to be the music recruiters, manning a stall where freshers can record their interest in music, noting their instrument/voice, and whether they are interested in joining the choir; email addresses will be collected. Michelle volunteered to add the emails to music@dar.
  5. Freshers' concert. The date of Wednesday 27 October was selected. Yoon, Alan, and David volunteered to organise.
  6. DCSA application. It was agreed to hold another committee meeting - probably on Thursday 21st October - to discuss the application for money.
  7. Website, email, and noticeboards. The website and noticeboard are in need of updating. Michelle offered to carry out the website overhaul, and Alan agreed to give her access details.
  8. Choir. DJCM has a promising lead for a new Choir Director.
  9. Outstanding business. At the next meeting, I hope we can appoint a secretary to look after the noticeboard and room bookings.
DJCM 6/10/2004.

Minutes of the Music Committee meeting held 21st October 2004

Present: Yoon Choi yhc24, Michael Moosberger mpm38, Semen Trygubenko sat39@cam (DCSA liason for music committee), David MacKay djcm1 (Chair, Treasurer).
  1. DCSA funding application It was agreed to appoint Yoon Choi as Secretary, Semen Trygubenko as President, and David MacKay as Treasurer for this application. Michael Moosberger would become equipment manager and conduct an inventory.
    The following budget was agreed for DCSA

    Tickets for concerts: 200
    Choir books (Oxford book of English Madrigals): 348
    Silencers for drum kit: 80
    Drum front head: 38
    New Snare: 15
    Electronic drumkit: 800
  2. Freshers' concert: Yoon will try to recruit people from last year's concert too. Yoon will book the piano tuner. Thanks to Alan for making posters.
DJCM 21.10.2004

Minutes of the Music Committee meeting held Wed 17/11/04

Present: Yoon Choi yhc24, Giselle Walker gw265 Semen Trygubenko sat39@cam (DCSA liason for music committee), Rob (Drum advisor), David MacKay djcm1 (Chair, Treasurer).
  1. DCSA funding. The DCSA allocated £891 to our society. (They deducted half of the cost of the music and electronic drums, our two main items.) DJCM has spoken to Accountant and Bursar who confirm college willingness to contribute to the cost of the electronic drums.
  2. Drums and other band equipment. Our drum advisors confirmed that an adequate electronic drumkit could be bought for 800 pounds. It was agreed to spend roughly 868 pounds on electronic drums, snare, drumhead, mike cable, and waterproof containers to store everything in. Of this, DCSA budget will be asked to pay 534. The remainder will be covered by the College Accountant's Music Committee allocation.
  3. Items to be purchased at a future date
    • Concert tickets: Anyone on the committee who identifies good concert series from which to buy tickets, for the use of music@dar people, please go ahead and get them - we have 200 pounds from the DCSA for this - please liase with Charlotte Rusby car22, who is our ticket master.
    • Choir music: If Andrew decides to purchase any music up to a cost of 350 or 400 pounds, that will be covered by the DCSA and by the college funds.
  4. AOB:
    • Freshers' concert: Thanks to Yoon for a successful evening!
    • Choir: The concert was a good shot in the arm for the choir, which had had surprisingly poor attendance for the preceding 3 weeks.
    • Mixer: the mixer used by the band for vocals (value about 400 pounds) emitted smoke recently. A friendly engineer will be sought to try to carry out a repair.
DJCM Wed 17/11/04

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To organise a concert you need to
  1. check with Ian MacTulloch-Gair (Catering Manager) that the Dining Hall is free that evening.
  2. put up posters around College (music noticeboard, main noticeboard and doors in College entrance).
  3. e-mail music@dar with concert details.
  4. e-mail dcsa@dar to get concert advertised on What's Up & DCSA noticeboard.
  5. people to set-up the hall on the night.

Useful email addresses

catman@dar, bursars.sec@dar.

Piano tuning

Call Camb Piano Forte Centre (424 007) and ask them to tune the piano(s). Good times of day are probably 11am and 4.30pm (avoiding meal times). Once it's booked, tell the porters lodge 35660 to expect the tuner, and also to note it as a Dining Hall booking in their book.

David J.C. MacKay, Music Committee Chair
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