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How to contribute to Dasher

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If you would like to be kept up to date with Dasher development news, join the Dasher Yahoo Group. If you decide you'd like to hear special announcements only, you can join the same group, and then modify your membership settings at the discussion group website.

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We have a Dasher project wiki for discussing Dasher development.

Bugs and FAQs

If you have questions about Dasher, please follow the Any questions? link and use this FAQ to report any bugs or problems you encounter.

When reporting bugs, please be sure to give the precise version of Dasher you are using, and complete information about how to reproduce the bug.

[Our bug tracker is located at bugzilla. (view all)]

Source code repository

The dasher code is hosted by the GNOME project, and they have just (April 2009) converted to using the git version control system.

To grab a copy of the latest source code, type:

git clone git://

(If you want the check-out to appear in a folder other than dasher, append a folder name to that command.)

You can also browse the source code at

Porting Dasher

The Dasher code consists of two main sections - a platform independent core, and a platform dependent interface. The core has been written with portability in mind and so should build on most platforms with a modern C++ compiler. Note that Dasher currently requires the Expat XML parsing library to read alphabet definition files - for embedded platforms, it may be desirable to replace the AlphIO functionality with simpler code rather than port or include Expat.

The platform dependent interface code is responsible for passing user input to the Dasher core and displaying the Dasher canvas and outputting text. Documentation for how the interface should communicate with the core may be found here.


Dasher is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). If there is sufficient demand, the core code may be relicensed under the LGPL in order to allow it to be included in environments where requiring the GPL may be impractical.

If none of the above routes satisfies your needs, please send an email.

The Dasher project is supported by the Gatsby Foundation
and by the European Commission in the context of
the AEGIS project - open Accessibility Everywhere: Groundwork, Infrastructure, Standards)

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