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Downloading Dasher

Please choose a version of Dasher from the table below. You may also find the training texts below helpful.

Dasher (versions 3 and above) is available for general use under the conditions of the GNU General Public Licence. You should be aware of the terms and conditions of this licence, which is also contained in the distribution itself.

There is also fork of Dasher that has been relicensed under an MIT licence - see

Training texts are also provided. All versions of Dasher include an English training text. The Windows and macOS packages include many other training texts. If necessary, you can download individual languages' training texts from here too.

If you want to keep in touch with Dasher developments after downloading, please see this page for mailing list information.

select the packages you require then scroll down


Version 5.0

The update of Dasher to version 5 was developed by Ada Majorek, who sadly passed away in June 2017.

Windows and Linux

Download from github


The mac version has been updated, November 2023, to work on recent versions of macOS, thanks to sponsorship from Jorge Tendeiro and Herbosophy.

Download v5.12 here. (Older v5.0).

If you get the error ' can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer', locate the Dasher app in Finder, ctrl-click, and chose Open. This only needs to be done the first time you run Dasher.

Please check the README inside the zip file (or here) for further details.

Source code

The original source code repository is maintained as part of the GNOME project on gitlab.

The ACE Centre also has an MIT-licensed fork of Dasher.

Version 4.11

Microsoft Windows

Version 4.11

32 bit Windows XP version is confirmed to work under 64 bit Windows 7. Please manually uninstall any versions prior to 4.4.2 before installing version 4.6.0.

For speech production, the Microsoft Speech API is required. This is included in Windows XP or may be obtained from

Mac OS X

4.11 This will not work on recent versions of MacOS. Please try version 5, above.

expat 2.0.1 necessary for MacOS X less than 10.5

Source Code

version 4.11 - Windows/Linux/Mac tar.bz2 .tar.gz

Speech Dasher

Speech Dasher is a post-processor for your computer's speech-recognition system (eg Microsoft or Dragon) (More information) Speech Dasher prototype for Microsoft Windows (XP)

Dasher For Mobile Devices

version 1.0 (Android) - an early/beta release based on Dasher 4.11+. Source code: 2.0 / beta (older?)
Dasher for iOS - updated version by the ACE Centre

Additional Files

Training texts

European languages training texts

Albanian training text (by Alban Rrustemi) (317K)
Czech COMBINING training text (456K)
Czech training text (456K)
Danish training text (provided by Ole Winther) (600K)
Dutch training text (provided by Peter Baert) (1.1M)
English training text (already included in main Dasher distribution) (300K)
English training text Lower Case (300K)
Esperanto training text (provided by Edmund Grimley Evans) (500K)
Finnish training text (by Leena Krohn) (460K)
French training text (by Gilles Brodeur and Peter Baert) (640K)
French COMBINING training text (by Gilles Brodeur and Peter Baert) (640K)
German training text (by Michael Muhlhaus) (919K)
Greek training text (by Pantelis Nasikas) (496K)
Hungarian training text ((c) Hungarian Electronic Library, for use in non-profit applications only) (500K)
Italian training text (provided by Matteo Fasanella) (322K)
Lithuanian training text (provided by aleksandras steponavicius) (301K)
Polish training text (by Blazej L. Popielski) (1M)
Portuguese (Brazilian) COMBINING training text (by Martin Whittle and CETENFolha) (656K)
Portuguese (Brazilian) training text (by Martin Whittle and CETENFolha) (656K)
Russian training text (by Alex Ziranov) (589K)
Russian Latin training text (by Nikon Rasumov) (300K)
Spanish training text (by Andrea Prado) (1.6M)
Spanish COMBINING training text (by Andrea Prado) (1.6M)
Swedish training text (thanks, Johan Bouvin) (413K)

Asian languages training texts

Japanese Hiragana(60) training text (130K)
Japanese Hiragana(83) training text (130K)
Mongolian training text (271K)

Indian languages training texts - generously provided by the Emille project

Assamese (688K)
Bengali (816K)
Gujarati (631K)
Hindi (800K)
Kannada (894K)
Kashmiri (491K)
Malayalam (956K)
Marathi (1M)
Oriya (581K)
Punjabi (gurmukhi) (746K)
Punjabi (indopersoarabic) (822K)
Sinhala (649K)
Tamil (581K)
Telugu (800K)
Urdu (653K)

African languages training texts (South African languages kindly provided by De Schryver, Gilles-Maurice. 2002)

Swahili training text (provided by Arvi Hurskainen) (300K)
Afrikaans training text (1M)
Ndebele training text (1M)
Sepedi training text (1M)
Sesotho training text (1M)
Swati training text (918K)
Tsonga training text (1.2M)
Tswana training text (1M)
Venda training text (548K)
Xhosa training text (933K)
Zulu training text (855K)

Middle-eastern languages

Arabic training text (3M) provided by Yasser H. Abdel-Haleem
Hebrew training text (183K)
Persian training text (1M) provided by Behdad

Scripts for converting files

Perl program converts Japanese Shift-JIS to UTF8
Perl program ensures Hiragana(UTF8) files are correct for Hiragana(60) alphabet
Perl program ensures Hiragana(UTF8) files are correct for Hiragana(83) alphabet

Other files

Abc (Music) training text (2M)

If you have any problems with downloading, please let us know. You can browse the download folders directly here

The Dasher project is supported by the Gatsby Foundation
and by the European Commission in the context of
the AEGIS project - open Accessibility Everywhere: Groundwork, Infrastructure, Standards)

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