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Dasher currently runs on the following mobile platforms:

Pocket PC

A port of an old release of Dasher running on PocketPC is available from the Downloads page

Apple iOS/iPhone

iPhone 3G, 3GS & 4; corresponding models of iPod Touch; iPad. Requires OS 3.2 or greater.

Text entry / editing app: copy text to clipboard or speak aloud (via Festival Lite speech synthesizer, English only).

Supported control modes:
  • Touch (in place of mouse) - tap to zoom to a point or hold to move steadily (speed adjustment in toolbar at bottom: tap on number to display a slider). Margin Width (in Misc tab of Settings, leftmost icon on toolbar) allows space for finger.
  • Tilt (2-dimensional mode, holding finger onscreen to activate; or 1-dimensional mode, tap to start/stop), with calibration (at bottom of input methods settings page).
  • Box modes (scanning or direct, i.e. tap in box)
  • One- and Two-button dynamic modes (by tapping anywhere on screen - in top/bottom half for latter).

Other features include control mode (speak, copy, move and delete by steering round Dasher canvas), wide variety of languages, colour schemes, various misc settings. Experiment!

To install: search for "Dasher" on the Apple Store! (It's free!)

Enter text by tilting your iPhone Standard text field cursor and context menu Control Mode allows to activate speech synthesis Two-button dynamic mode works, too

Source code is included in the main Dasher repository:


Available from the Android Market (search for "Dasher") or from the Downloads page

Tested on Nexus One; HTC G1; HTC Incredible.

Works as system input method, i.e. select any text field to activate. Cursor movement (via trackball) should cause Dasher to automatically update its display. (Unless the trackball is being used to control Dasher in Compass Mode!)

Supported control modes:

  • Touch - tap to zoom to a point or hold to move steadily;
  • Tilt in one or two dimensions, either tap (/circle) to start/stop or hold finger to go;
  • Box modes (scanning/direct)
  • Compass mode (move trackball up/down to scroll, right to zoom in, left to back up)
  • Two-button dynamic mode (by volume control, or tap top/bottom of screen)
  • One-button dynamic mode (aka two-push - use any key, or tap anywhere on screen)
Button modes can also be controlled by external switches connected via Bluetooth using the Tekla external switch.

Source code available from

Installation Instructions below.
Write into any application Write SMS or email by touch, tilt, or trackball Use portrait or landscape


Video forthcoming...

(1) Download from Dasher website or search for "Dasher" on the Android Market

(2) Running Dasher will present a blank screen (titled Dasher) while Dasher loads (please wait). You'll then be presented with Dasher's own settings.

The "Input Mode" page offers a choice of methods, e.g. "Touch Control" or "Tilt Control", of which you may pick one. (Each will bring up further settings specific to that mode.)

Dasher settings

(3) Next you must enable Dasher as an input method. This varies between models, the following instructions are for a Nexus One running Android 2.1 (Eclair) or 2.2 (Froyo)...
Activating system settings (3a) From your desktop, press menu button, and choose "Settings"
(3b) Choose "Language & Keyboard" Within system settings
List of input methods (3c)A list of input methods should be displayed, including Dasher.

Make sure Dasher is enabled i.e. its box is ticked. (You will be warned about collecting data such as passwords. We do not recommend Dasher for entering passwords!)

(4) Exit from system settings, and select any text field to bring up your standard/previous input method

Long-press in the text field to pop-up menu and choose "Input Method"

Text field context menu

Select input method (5) Select Dasher in the list of input methods.

Dasher should then come up on your screen Dasher editing google search box

The Dasher project is supported by the Gatsby Foundation
and by the European Commission in the context of
the AEGIS project - open Accessibility Everywhere: Groundwork, Infrastructure, Standards)

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