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.... This is exactly how Dasher works, except for one crucial point: we alter the SIZE of the shelf space devoted to each book in proportion to the probability of the corresponding text. For example, not very many books start with an "x", so we devote less space to "x..." books, and more to the more plausible books, thus making it easier to find books that contain probable text.

Here is the corresponding sequence of pictures of the library in Dasher. (The character "_" denotes the space character.)

The user-friendly library of Babel - a-z The user-friendly library of Babel - aa-az The user-friendly library of Babel - ala-alz
(i) (ii) (iii)

Dasher can be trained on examples of any writing style, and it learns all the time, picking up your personal turns of phrase.

The Dasher project is supported by the Gatsby Foundation
and by the European Commission in the context of
the AEGIS project - open Accessibility Everywhere: Groundwork, Infrastructure, Standards)

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