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Dasher Manual and Special Needs Guide Manual (15 pages) (Draft) (postscript) (pdf) | Spanish Manual (contributed by Niriana Blasco)

Dasher in Korean - a six-page paper by David MacKay: | pdf | postscript |

Most of the original research work on Dasher was done by David Ward.

Between 1999 and 2002, we made three assessments of Dasher, comparing it with alternative text entry systems on three platforms.

  • One-handed text-entry using mouse alone
  • Text-entry on a pocket PC with a stylus
  • Text-entry with no hands, using Dasher with an Eyetracker (Further information about hardware)
The details can be found in David Ward's PhD thesis and in the publications listed below.


Dasher - information-efficient text entry (19th April 2007)
Google tech talk (54 minute video) by David MacKay at Google Inc, Mountain View
September 2005
Dasher - writing fast and free with any muscle - Closing The Gap 2005 (html) (includes slides used for presentation at Princeton University)

Hands-free writing - banquet presentation for UAI 2005 (html)

A neuron that communicates 10 words per minute (html) - a presentation about Dasher's new button modes.

Dasher for Korean (html) - shows how to write Korean using a simple roughly-80-character alphabet.

Dasher - Write efficiently with any muscle! (html) - Dasher presentation for BECTA Seminar Oct 2004.

Information-Efficient Writing (html) - Dasher presentation for Machine Learning Workshop 2004. Includes preliminary results on breath mouse and enhanced eyetracking mode.

Dasher for Eyetracking (html) - presentation for Cogain meeting.

Alternative Controls for Dasher (html) - presentation about one-dimensional mode, eyetracking mode, and Button modes.

Probability, Information, and Hands-free writing (html) - Dasher presentation for Maximum Entropy conference 2004.

Power point file: Dasher Presentation for John Hopfield's birthday Symposium, June 2003.

Power point file: Presentation about Dasher for AbilityNet, December 2002.

See also the movies on the Demonstration page.

Speech-Dasher prototype

Keith Vertanen has made nice videos of his prototype speech-recognition/Dasher hybrid.

The Dasher project is supported by the Gatsby Foundation
and by the European Commission in the context of
the AEGIS project - open Accessibility Everywhere: Groundwork, Infrastructure, Standards)

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