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Help translate this website

To enhance the useability of Dasher, we would like to have this website translated into other languages.

If you would like to help; if you are fluent in another language; if you understand basic HTML; and if you know how to use Dasher in English, please contact David MacKay, naming your language.

If you need to see a translation right now, try babelfish or freetranslation.

Translations that are completed
  english English websource
  chinese Chinese websource
  francais Francais websource
  russian Russian websource
  italiano Italiano websource
  portuguese Brazilian Portuguese websource
Other websites about Dasher
  dutch Dutch Has instructions and corpus.
Translations in progress
  dutch Dutch websource
  danish Danish websource
  polski Polish websource
  deutsch Deutsch websource
  deutsch فارسی websource
Translations yet to be made
  espanol Spanish websource
  norsk Norsk websource
  svensk Swedish websource

Instructions for translators

I will provide you with a zip file or tar file containing the English files that need translating.
Send me back the translated files, using identical filenames. Please do not change any of the filenames. Please send back a tar file or a zip file.

There are two types of files: lots of html files, and one special file called thislanguage.

  • html files

    In nearly all files, the top line, which looks for example like this:

    SectionPage  Download
    or this:
    Page    Tips for Novices
    specifies the title for the page that gets displayed in the left-hand sidebar. Please leave the word SectionPage or Page untranslated, and translate the title that follows it. Do not put anything else on that top line. The remainder of each file is ordinary HTML.

    What not to translate: Leave all the URLs and comments unchanged. [Anything inside the characters < ... > ]

    Let me say that again, it's important: Please don't change Anything inside the characters < ... >. It is possible that there may be some macros in the text of these files, though I think there are none. These are words preceded by a backslash (like in LaTeX). If you encounter such a word, please do not translate it. Do not add any extra HTML to the files. Please do not use an editor that heavily reformats the text. It might be best to use a 'plain text' editor rather than an HTML editor.

  • thislanguage

    Please modify the file called thislanguage with care, as follows.
    Do not add or remove any newline characters.
    Each line of the file contains an equality such as

    title=The Dasher Project
    Please leave everything to the left of "=" unchanged, and please translate the words to the right. Leave all the URLs and comments unchanged. [Anything inside the characters < ... > ]
    There is one exception to this rule: I need one line in the file like this:

    headcharset=<META content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-2" http-equiv=Content-Type>

    Please modify this line so that the META field is appropriate for your language. If your language uses the identical characters to English then the empty field headcharset= is fine. The above example is correct for Polish.

    In the line starting thislanguagename please put the name of your language, in your own language, after "=".
    In the line starting thislanguageinenglish please check that the name of your language in English is correct.
    Insert your name after translatorname=
    Do not modify the lines thisflag or thislanguage. The quantity directory should be /home/ftp/pub/www/dasher/thislanguage

How to re-translate a single file, if the English source file changes

You can visit this directory to find the English source files. Visit the websource directory for your language to obtain the latest translated files.

Send me the re-translated file. Here's one way to send it in unix

 mpack -s "danish update" History.html

English master tar file or zip file.

The Dasher project is supported by the Gatsby Foundation
and by the European Commission in the context of
the AEGIS project - open Accessibility Everywhere: Groundwork, Infrastructure, Standards)

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