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The image below shows the state of the Dasher interface while the user is writing the word `objection'; alternative words that could easily be written at this point include `objective', `objects_', and `object_oriented'.
Dasher text entry interface

If you find Dasher hard to imagine based on these static pictures, please take a look at the movies below.

When you try Dasher for the first time, please read the tips for novices.


Simple moviesFile size
Animated gif of Dasher, should work in any browser 81K
Animated gif of Daishoya (Japanese Dasher).
    Further information in Japanese
Movies for Windows systemsFile size
Streaming video demonstration (1.5 mins asf) including audio commentary.
    The text of the commentary is available.
2.7 M
3 minute demonstration of Dasher, with a commentary. The demonstration uses lotus screen cam software (included in the zip file) which runs on windows 95 systems.
This movie is highly recommended as the commentary explains how Dasher is used.
5 M
    The text of the commentary is available. 4 K
Large Movies File size
Dasher with an eye-tracker 54 M
AVI of Dasher running on a Compaq iPAQ 4 M
Very large AVI of Dasher running on a Compaq iPAQ 90 M

More screenshots with captions can be found here and here. For further demonstrations, movies and screenshots see David Ward's Dasher site.

Thanks to Steve Hiner for help with animations.

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