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International Phonetic Alphabet (Sat 12/7/03)

With an appropriate XML file, Dasher works in the International Phonetic Alphabet (screenshot). If anyone can advise us on how to make this feature useful to users of phonetics, please let us know.

Gnome application control (Sun 22/6/03)

The current CVS version contains code that allows applications to be controlled from within Dasher. Take a look at this screenshot in order to see Dasher being used to enter text into a word processor - the bold mode was switched on and off entirely within Dasher. Code to add the same functionality to the Windows version is currently being worked on.

Beta version of Dasher for MacOS X (Tue 10/6/03)

A beta release of Dasher for MacOS X has been made. This version is still under development and so may behave unpredictably, crash, eat your files or be generally miserable. Download it from the download page. Thanks to Doug Dickinson and Iain Murray for their work on this port! Click here for a screenshot.

Dasher support IRC channel (Fri 2/5/03)

There is now an IRC channel for Dasher support and development issues. Simply connect to and join #dasher.

Palm developer volunteers wanted (Thu 1/5/03)

A port of Dasher to the Palm has been impractical up until fairly recently due to the low refresh rate of the screens and relatively slow processor More recent hardware solves both of these problems, so we're looking for volunteers to look at porting Dasher to PalmOS. If you're interested, please contact Matthew Garrett at dasher[AT]

Anonymous CVS access now available (Thu 1/5/03)

Anonymous CVS access to the Dasher development tree is now available. To download the current source, run

cvs -d login

and press enter at the prompt. Now run

cvs -z3 -d \
                    co -r stable30 dasher3

and the CVS tree will be downloaded.

MacOS X port in progress (Thu 1/5/03)

Thanks to Doug Dickinson and Iain Murray, an experimental version of Dasher is now running under MacOS X.

Dasher 3.0.2 released (Tue 8/4/03)

Dasher 3.0.2 has been released. This version includes the following changes:
  • Fixed bug regarding acceleration at edges of the window
  • Introduced keyboard control mode (intended for switch use)
  • GTK2 interface for the Unix version
Get it now from the download page

Dasher 3.0.1 released (Tue 18/3/03)

Dasher 3.0.1 has been released. This version includes the following changes:
  • Improved prediction
  • One dimensional input mode
  • Increasable font size
  • Various other bug fixes and feature enhancements

Get it now from the download page

API documentation

Documentation to help developers porting Dasher to other platforms is now available from here

Dasher 3.0.0 released

The final version of Dasher 3.0.0 has been released. Get it now from the download page

New project manager

Thanks to funding from the Gatsby foundation, the Dasher project now has a new software development manager and researcher, Matthew Garrett. Matthew will coordinate contributions to the source code and feedback from users. Please see the development page for the recommended feedback methods.


Wed 27/11/02: Version 3 is now released for Windows and Linux. You can download it from the Dasher download page. Windows versions for (windows NT, windows 2000, windows XP) and (windows 95-98) are available.

Version 3 is a complete rewrite of Dasher. It should have all the key features of version 1.6.8, and is intended to be far more development-friendly. One of its new features, which we expect many users will appreciate, is the "automatic copy" option, which has the effect of copying the written text into the cut'n'paste buffer whenever dasher is stopped. (Enable this option using the menus.)

Version 3.0.0 prerelease 2 supports several English alphabets. Support for other languages will follow soon. Portuguese is the first language in the queue.

Further information about Dasher version 3

A port to ipaq-running-linux is also being made by Hanna Wallach.

Version 3 was written by David Ward, Iain Murray, Phil Cowans, and Matthew Garrett.

Feedback on version 3 should be sent via the metafaq system please, or else by email to

Tue 1/10/02: cliffn has written a front end for dasher v1.6.8 in VB5 which allows to run Dasher, allows one click to save the text into a file, and allows the file to be read aloud. With a shortcut to the text file on your desktop it is easy to edit and copy and paste to another app.
Tested only on Win 2000 but available for download with a right click on the file name (StartDasherFS.exe) from:; this exe file should be put in the dasher folder alongside dasher.exe.

9/02: This text file gives Margaret Cotts's instructions for using Macro Express to connect Dasher 1.6.8 to etriloquist, and further information submitted by other users.

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