The Bliss-Dasher project

David MacKay, Seb Wills, and Annalu Waller

The paper describing Bliss-Dasher in detail (Fri 18/5/07)

Bliss-Dasher - Efficient semantic writing with any muscle (pdf file)

The Bliss-Dasher wiki pages

where we discuss everything about symbolic Dasher and Bliss-Dasher.

Instructions for installing the fonts and XML files for Bliss-Dasher are in the Bliss-Dasher wiki. If you want to add content to the wiki, the password is thomasS

More screenshots

Early versions of Bliss-Dasher

70 favourite phrases in Bliss

70 favourite phrases in Bliss and a training text composed of those phrases.


I entered most of the words from the blisswords dictionary using Dasher.


Bliss 2007 (alphabet.bliss2007.xml);
Bliss 2007 clean (alphabet.cleanbliss2007.xml);
Bliss 2007 keysymbols (alphabet.keybliss2007.xml);
if you do not have the required font, there is a collection of images showing an earlier version here.

Bliss fonts by George Sutton, which we adopted for Bliss-Dasher

Landscape view | Rotated view | pdf file | ps file

David MacKay