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Recent additions
European, Latin, Indo-european, Uralic, American
Heading East From Europe
Semitic languages - Arabic, Hebrew, Ethiopic
African languages
Indian languages (training texts kindly provided by the Emille project)
Asian and Pacific languages
Other character sets

Recent additions

alphabetalphabet displays in my browser?alphabet works in Dasher?training textcomments
Kazakh / Қазақ yes training_kazakh_KZ.txt HELPTraining text needed
Kirghiz / Кыргыз yes training_kirghiz_KG.txt HELPTraining text needed
Malagasy yes yes training_malagasy_MG.txt
(more training text would be good)
O'zbek / Uzbek yes training_uzbek_UZ.txt HELPTraining text needed
Ukrainian / Українська yes training_ukrainian_UA.txt HELPTraining text needed
Somali yes training_somali_SO.txt HELPTraining text needed
Nepali yes training_nepali_NP.txt HELPTraining text needed
Sanskrit yes training_sanskrit_IN.txt HELPTraining text needed
Pashto (Nested groups) yes training_pashto_AF.txt HELPTraining text needed
alphabet needs correcting by an expert

European, Latin, Indo-european, Uralic, American

alphabetalphabet displays in my browser?alphabet works in Dasher?training textcomments
Shqip / Albanian yes yes training_albanian_SQ.txt
Euskara / Basque yes yes training_basque_ES.txt HELPTraining text needed
Bosanski / Bosnian yes yes training_bosnian_BA.txt HELPTraining text needed
Ar brezhoneg / Breton yes yes training_breton_FR.txt HELPTraining text needed
Català / Catalan yes yes training_catalan_ES.txt HELPTraining text needed
Cherokee yes training_cherokee_US.txt HELPTraining text needed
Corsu / Corsican yes yes training_corsican_FR.txt HELPTraining text needed
Hrvatski / Croatian yes yes training_croatian_HR.txt HELPTraining text needed
Czech / Čeština yes yes training_czech_CS.txt
training text issued under GPL license
Dansk / Danish yes yes training_danish_DK.txt
Nederlands / Dutch yes yes training_dutch_NL.txt
English with limited punctuation yes yes training_english_GB.txt
English Latex yes yes training_latex_GB.txt
Esperanto yes yes training_Esperanto_XX.txt
Eesti / Estonian yes yes training_Estonian_EE.txt HELPTraining text needed
Føroyskt / Faroese yes yes training_faroese_FO.txt HELPTraining text needed
Suomalainen / Finnish yes yes training_finnish_FI.txt
Français / French yes yes training_french_FR.txt
Galego / Galician yes training_galician_ES.txt HELPTraining text needed
Deutsch / German yes yes training_german_DE.txt
Ellinika (Ελληνικά) / Greek yes yes training_greek_GR.txt
Magyar / Hungarian yes yes training_hungarian_HU.txt
Kurdî / Kurdish some, yes training_kurdish_IQ.txt HELPTraining text needed
Icelandic / Íslensku yes yes training_Icelandic_IS.txt HELPTraining text needed
International Phonetic Alphabet yes yes training_ipa_GB.txt HELPTraining text needed
Gaeilge na hÉireann / Irish Gaelic yes yes training_IrishGaelic_IE.txt HELPTraining text needed
Italiano / Italian yes yes training_italian_IT.txt
Latin (classical) yes yes training_latin_XX.txt
Latviešu / Latvian yes yes training_latvian_LV.txt HELPTraining text needed
Lietuvos / Lithuanian yes yes training_lithuanian_LT.txt
Lëtzebuergesch / Luxembourgish yes yes training_luxembourgish_LU.txt HELPTraining text needed
Macedonian / Македонски yes yes training_macedonian_MK.txt HELPTraining text needed
Malti / Maltese yes yes training_maltese_MT.txt HELPTraining text needed
Moldavian yes yes training_Moldavian_MD.txt HELPTraining text needed
Norsk / Norwegian yes yes training_norwegian_NO.txt HELPTraining text needed
Occitan yes yes training_occitan_FR.txt HELPTraining text needed
Polski / Polish yes yes training_polish_PL.txt
Português / Portuguese (Brazilian) yes yes training_portuguese_BR.txt
training text is Brazilian Portuguese
Română / Romanian yes yes training_Romanian_RO.txt HELPTraining text needed
Rumantsch / Romansch yes yes training_romansch_CH.txt HELPTraining text needed
Sami / Lappish yes yes training_Sami_NO.txt HELPTraining text needed
Gàidhlig / Scots Gaelic yes yes training_ScotsGaelic_GB.txt HELPTraining text needed
Serbian (Српски) yes yes training_serbian_YU.txt HELPTraining text needed
Slovenský / Slovak yes yes training_Slovak_SK.txt HELPTraining text needed
Slovenščina / Slovene yes yes training_Slovenian_SI.txt HELPTraining text needed
Español / Spanish yes yes training_spanish_ES.txt
Svenska / Swedish yes yes training_swedish_SE.txt
Cymraeg / Welsh yes yes training_welsh_GB.txt

Heading East From Europe

alphabetalphabet displays in my browser?alphabet works in Dasher?training textcomments
Armenian / Հայերեն yes yes training_Armenian_AM.txt HELPTraining text needed
Azərbaycanca / Azeri / Azerbaijani yes yes training_Azerbaijani_AZ.txt HELPTraining text needed
Belarusian yes yes training_Belarusian_BY.txt HELPTraining text needed
Bulgarian / Български yes yes training_Bulgarian_BG.txt HELPTraining text needed
Georgian / ქართული ენა yes yes training_georgian_GE.txt HELPTraining text needed
Tajik yes yes training_Tajik_TJ.txt HELPTraining text needed
Türkçe / Turkish yes yes training_turkish_TR.txt
Türkmen / Turkmen yes yes training_turkmen_TM.txt HELPTraining text needed
Mongolian yes yes training_mongolian_MN.txt
Persian (Nested groups) yes yes training_persian_IR.txt
Russian (Русский) - Кириллица yes yes training_russian_RU.txt

Semitic languages - Arabic, Hebrew, Ethiopic

alphabetalphabet displays in my browser?alphabet works in Dasher?training textcomments
Amharic (አማርኛ) yes yes training_amharic_ET.txt HELPTraining text needed
Arabic (groups) yes yes training_arabic_XX.txt
Ethiopic yes yes training_ethiopic_ET.txt HELPTraining text needed
Dhivehi (thaana) one character not displayed one character not displayed training_thaana_MV.txt HELPTraining text needed
Dhivehi is the easiest Arabic language to implement
Tigrinya (ትግርኛ) yes yes training_tigrinya_ET.txt HELPTraining text needed
Ivrit / Hebrew (עברית) yes yes training_hebrew_IL.txt

African languages

alphabetalphabet displays in my browser?alphabet works in Dasher?training textcomments
Adangbe yes training_adangbe_GH.txt HELPTraining text needed
Afaan Oromo - yes yes training_AfaanOromo_ET.txt HELPTraining text needed
Afrikaans yes yes training_Afrikaans_ZA.txt
Akan (Twi) yes training_akan_GH.txt
more training text needed
Ewe yes training_ewe_GH.txt HELPTraining text needed
Ga yes training_ga_GH.txt HELPTraining text needed
Hausa (boko) yes yes training_hausa_NE.txt HELPTraining text needed
Igbo yes yes training_Igbo_NG.txt HELPTraining text needed
Kirundi (Rundi) yes yes training_kirundi_BI.txt
more training text needed
Malagasy yes yes training_malagasy_MG.txt
(more training text would be good)
Ndebele yes yes training_Ndebele_ZA.txt
alphabet identical to english
Sepedi yes yes training_Sepedi_ZA.txt
Sesotho yes yes training_Sesotho_ZA.txt
alphabet identical to english
Swahili / Kiswahili yes yes training_swahili_KE.txt
Swati yes yes training_Swati_ZA.txt
alphabet identical to english
Tsonga yes yes training_Tsonga_ZA.txt
alphabet identical to english
Tswana yes yes training_Tswana_ZA.txt
Venda yes yes training_Venda_ZA.txt
Xhosa yes yes training_Xhosa_ZA.txt
alphabet identical to english
Yorùbá / Yoruba yes yes training_Yoruba_NG.txt
Zulu / isiZulu yes yes training_Zulu_ZA.txt
alphabet identical to english

Indian languages (training texts kindly provided by the Emille project)

alphabetalphabet displays in my browser?alphabet works in Dasher?training textcomments
Assamese অসমীয়া no yes training_Assamese_IN.txt
identical alphabet to Bengali
Bengali / বাংলা no yes training_bengali_BD.txt
Gujarati no yes training_Gujarati_IN.txt
Hindi / हिंदी yes yes training_Hindi_IN.txt
Kannada no yes training_Kannada_IN.txt
Malayalam no yes training_Malayalam_IN.txt
Marathi - Devanagari yes yes, but crashes sometimes training_Marathi_IN.txt
Devanagari alphabet identical to Hindi
Oriya no yes training_Oriya_IN.txt
Punjabi (Gurmukhi) no yes training_Punjabi_IN.txt
Sinhala no training_Sinhala_IN.txt
Tamil no yes training_Tamil_IN.txt
Telugu / తెలుగు no yes training_Telugu_IN.txt
Urdu yes yes training_Urdu_PK.txt

Asian and Pacific languages

alphabetalphabet displays in my browser?alphabet works in Dasher?training textcomments
Chinese Zhùyīn fúhào ㄅㄆㄇㄈ (Bopomofo) yes yes training_bopomofo_CN.txt HELPTraining text needed
is this alphabet right?
Chinese 简体中文 (simplified chinese, in pin yin groups, and pinyin) training_chineseRuby_CN.txt
Chinese, pinyin and chinese characters
Chinese / 简体中文 (simplified chinese, in pin yin groups) yes crashes! training_simplifiedchinese_CN.txt HELPTraining text needed
Chinese, grouped in pinyin groups - will work in version 4.0 of Dasher
Chinese Pin Yin with tones (no chinese characters) (5 groups) yes yes training_pinyin_CN.txt
latin-style chinese
Tagalog / Filipino yes yes training_Filipino_PH.txt HELPTraining text needed
Bahasa Indonesia / Indonesian yes yes training_Indonesian_ID.txt HELPTraining text needed
(alphabet identical to english)
Hawaiian / ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi yes yes training_Hawaiian_US.txt HELPTraining text needed
Hiragana ひらがな 83 yes yes training_hiragana83_JP.txt
two versions of the Japanese phonetic alphabet
Hiragana ひらがな 83 + 0-9 yes yes training_hiragana83_JP.txt
Japanese / 日本語 Kana and 7000 Kanji, not grouped some ok training_Japanese_JP.txt
not recommended for use (7000 ungrouped Kanji)
Japanese / 日本語 Kana and Joyo Kanji (radical groups) yes yes training_Japanese_JP.txt
contains three alphabets, all with the 2000 Joyo Kanji; they all work, but further work is needed to make a simple Japanese Dasher
Pure Katakana yes yes training_Japanese_JP.txt
Katakana is one of the Japanese phonetic alphabets. This alphabet file is not intended for actual use, it is just a repository of Katakana groups
Korean 한국어 (Combining 67 Jamo) yes yes training_korean_KR.txt
need bigger training text
Korean 한국어 Nested Large Alphabet 2350 syllables yes yes training_korean2350_KR.txt
need bigger training text
Lao training_lao_LA.txt HELPTraining text needed
Bahasa Melayu / Malay yes yes, except a few characters training_Malay_MY.txt HELPTraining text needed
alphabet identical to english
Burmese / Myanmar no fonts yes training_myanmar_MM.txt HELPTraining text needed
created Mon 2/5/05
Thai / ภาษาไทย yes yes, no font training_Thai_TH.txt
Việt ngữ / Vietnamese yes yes training_Vietnamese_VN.txt HELPTraining text needed
A large alphabet, might work better if subgroups were included?

Other character sets

alphabetalphabet displays in my browser?alphabet works in Dasher?training textcomments
Abc (Musical language) yes yes training_abc_XX.txt
Bliss Symbolic Alphabet no training_bliss_XX.txt HELPTraining text needed
has not yet got a standard unicode location
Ogham yes yes training_ogham_XX.txt HELPTraining text needed
_ Runic yes yes training_runic_XX.txt HELPTraining text needed
punctuation world yes
file of useful characters
colour.euroasian.xml yes yes
(Colour file)
_ Klingon / tlhIngan Hol yes training_klingon_US.txt HELPTraining text needed