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Movies of Dasher in use

Dasher running on an Handheld

Dasher running on a Compaq iPAQ 3630: ipaq.mpg(8.8MB) ipaq.avi(90MB)
Dasher running on a Compaq iPAQ 3630: pocket.avi (3.9MB)

Dasher with an eye-tracker

Dasher with an eye-tracker: eye.mpg(5.7MB) eye.avi(54MB)

Dasher running on a PC

Standard codec

Should be viewable with any video player - Media Player (Windows), xanim (X11).


Techsmith TSCC codec

Compesses Dasher animations really well - I think its lossless too.

If you're running Windows, you might need the Techsmith TSCC codec for Windows.

Apparently, mplayer for Linux will play these animations too.


Animated gifs

Here is quite an old animated gif showing someone writing `hello_how_are_you'.


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