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Bibliography files of MacKay group members

  • bib entries for all publications submitted or published while anyone is in the group should be deposited in files in this directory (/home/ftp/pub/www/is/bibs/).
  • One paper copy of the final printed paper should be given to DJCM and two copies to the RA secretary so that the paper is included in the RA database. If a large delay is expected between submission and publication then please give me a copy of the submitted paper.
  • The RA database form should be filled in and given to the RA secretary, and the RA database number should be included in the .bib entry in this directory.
  • If you wish, put postscript files for papers on the web server either under your own home page or in the group postscript directory.

Recommended format

Please use the bibtex style and include all relevant information in the .bib entry.
  • In the case of papers published in conference proceedings, include all authors names with initials, full title, page numbers (start-end), editor of proceedings, title of proceedings, publisher, address of publisher.
  • In an `annote' environment, include the information you put in the RA database form regarding date submitted, date accepted, date published, collaborating institutes.
  • Also include the RA database number.
  • If it is easy to do so, include the abstract too.
Example entry:
 AUTHOR		={L. Gavard and H. K. D. H. Bhadeshia and
		  D. J. C.  MacKay and S. Suzuki},
 TITLE		={Bayesian Neural Network Model for Austenite
		  Formation in Steels},
 journal        ={Materials Science and Technology},
 vol            =12,
 pages          ={453-463},
 YEAR           =1996,
 ANNOTE         ="Date submitted: May 1995; Date accepted: n/k 1995;
                  Collaborating institutes:
		  Cambridge University Department of Metallurgy and
		  Materials Science. MRAO reprint number 1941."}

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