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Inference Group : Doughnut Club 2003
(a.k.a. Inference Reading Club)

These are to be held in Room 911 on Thursday mornings between 11-12:30 (unless announced otherwise).

Presenters are responsible for distributing documents (or links to download them) by the Monday before each meeting. They are also responsible for providing doughnuts (or equivalent*).

8th May 9:30 Information Bottleneck John W.,Hanna, Phil
15th May Gaussian Processes David M.
22nd May Introduction to Bioinformatics Hanna, Phil
29th May Gaussian Processes and Kernel Methods John W., Phil
5th June Small world networks Hanna, Seb
12th June postponed Seb, Ed
Friday 20th June, 9.20am Coupled Oscillators Seb, Ed
26th June, 10am Data Compression, Burrows-Wheeler transform David M., Ed
3rd JulyPostponed Particle Filters John W., David M.
10th July Sequential Decoding Ed, David M.
? May take place in London Survey Propagation David M.
24th July Reinforcement Learning (provisional) Phil, John W.

Other topics which have been suggested but not yet scheduled:
  • Statistics in Law Courts
  • Boltzmann Machines
  • Spying techniques
  • Bayesian alternatives to frequentist methods

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*If you are unsure which foodstuffs are deemed to be equivalent to doughnuts, then use calorific value as a guide or contact John Winn.

Previous Doughnut Clubs

27th Feb Independent Component Analysis Alberto, John B., David K.
6th Mar Learning the parameters of a graphical model
EM, Neal + Hinton
Phil, David K.
13th Mar Irrationality Sanjoy, Seb
20th Mar Spectral Clustering
SVD for clustering words,Google
David M., Hanna
27th Mar Infinite Models
Infinite Gaussian mixtures, Dirichlet processes etc.
John W., David M.
3rd Apr DELVE, applications
Principled comparison of learning methods
Phil, Hanna
10th Apr CDMA Modulation etc. Ed, Alberto
24th Apr Conditional Random Fields Hanna,?
TBA Gaussian Processes Phil, John W.
TBA Coupled Oscillators Seb, Ed
TBA Hierarchical Bayes John B., ?
TBA Gaussian Processes and Kernel Methods ?,?

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