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Inference group Donut club : DJVU papers
Cambridge Machine Learning Reading group: Cavendish website and archives | Microsoft website

DJVU papers

For local copies of the papers listed below, browse this directory (scroll up): Users on coll can also use the standalone djviewer thus:
djview /home/ftp/pub/www/is/donut/djvu/jei-1998.djvu
djview /home/ftp/pub/www/is/donut/djvu/dcc-zcoder-1998.djvu
djview /home/ftp/pub/www/is/donut/djvu/catalogp8.djvu
djview /home/ftp/pub/www/is/donut/djvu/jefferson.djvu

The free online document conversion service produces this sort of output while converting (264K) to qecc.djvu (249K). Pure Images can be converted to djvu-photos using

c44 foo.jpg foo.djvu

Here is an interesting warning about using DJVU for scanned documents, and a visual illustration of the potential problem.

(1) The main paper for this Thursday's meeting (Thu 22 Jan)

  Leon Bottou, Patrick Haffner, Paul G. Howard, Patrice Simard, Yoshua Bengio, and Yann  
Le Cun. High Quality Document Image Compression with DjVu. Journal of Electronic
Imaging, vol 7, no 3, pp 410-425, SPIE, 1988.
 (paper 31 on

(2) I'd like to suggest that everyone try out using djvu also.
 The decoder is free software and there is a free encoder
 too. You can get the encoder to talk to you about how many
 bits it is using for each aspect of the image.

(3) I suggest also looking at  (paper 33 on
[Bottou and Howard and Bengio, 1998]
L. Bottou, P. Howard, and Y. Bengio, "The Z-Coder Adaptive Binary Coder," in Proceedings
+IEEE Data Compression Conference 1998, (Snowbird), Apr. 1998. [10 pages]

Further DJVU papers are either at:

with some newer papers at:

David MacKay
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