Information Theory, Pattern Recognition, and Neural Networks

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Lecture Title Date/Time Videos Snapshots Slides
Bonus Counting (labelled unrooted) trees 06 Feb 2012, 16.00 00.f4v [ 46M] 00.pdf [6.1M] 00.html
Lecture 1 Introduction to Information Theory 20 Feb 2012, 16.00 01.mp4 [675M] 01.pdf [ 16M] 01.html
Lecture 2 Entropy and Data Compression (I):
Introduction to Compression, Information Theory
and Entropy
27 Feb 2012, 14.30 02.mp4 [564M] 02.pdf [ 26M] 02.html
Lecture 3 Entropy and Data Compression (II):
Shannon's Source Coding Theorem, The Bent Coin Lottery
05 Mar 2012, 14.30 03.mp4 [561M] 03.pdf [ 14M] 03.html
Lecture 4 Entropy and Data Compression (III):
Shannon's Source Coding Theorem, Symbol Codes
16 Apr 2012, 14.30 04.mp4 [605M] 04.pdf [ 13M] 04.html
Lecture 5 Entropy and Data Compression (IV):
Shannon's Source Coding Theorem, Symbol Codes and
Arithmetic Coding
23 Apr 2012, 14.30 05.mp4 [670M] 05.pdf [ 26M] 05.html
Lecture 6 Noisy Channel Coding (I):
Inference and Information Measures for Noisy Channels
30 Apr 2012, 14.30 06.mp4 [588M] 06.pdf [ 22M] 06.html
Lecture 7 Noisy Channel Coding (II):
The Capacity of a Noisy Channel
07 May 2012, 14.30 07.mp4 [499M] 07.pdf [ 34M] 07.html
Lecture 8 Noisy Channel Coding (III):
The Noisy-Channel Coding Theorem
21 May 2012, 14.30 08.mp4 [745M] 08.pdf [ 28M] 08.html
Lecture 9 A Noisy Channel Coding Gem, and
An Introduction to Bayesian Inference (I)
28 May 2012, 14.30 09.mp4 [535M] 09.pdf [ 46M] 09.html
Lecture 10 An Introduction To Bayesian Inference (II):
Inference Of Parameters and Models
28 May 2012, 15.30 10.mp4 [825M] 10.pdf [ 43M] 10.html
Lecture 11 Approximating Probability Distributions (I):
Clustering As An Example Inference Problem
11 Jun 2012, 14.30 11.mp4 [629M] 11.pdf [ 27M] 11.html
Lecture 12 Approximating Probability Distributions (II):
Monte Carlo Methods (I):
Importance sampling, rejection sampling,
Gibbs sampling, Metropolis method
11 Jun 2012, 15.30 12.mp4 [908M] 12.pdf [ 51M] 12.html
Lecture 13 Approximating Probability Distributions (III):
Monte Carlo Methods (II):
Slice sampling, Hybrid Monte Carlo,
Over-relaxation, Exact Sampling
25 Jun 2012, 14.30 13.mp4 [1.1G] 13.pdf [ 57M] 13.html
Lecture 14 Approximating Probability Distributions (IV):
Variational Methods
09 Jul 2012, 14.30 14.mp4 [512M] 14.pdf [ 46M] 14.html
Lecture 15 Data Modelling With Neural Networks (I):
Feedforward Networks:
The Capacity Of A Single Neuron, Learning As Inference
09 Jul 2012, 15.30 15.mp4 [950M] 15.pdf [ 92M] 15.html
Lecture 16 Data Modelling With Neural Networks (II):
Content-Addressable Memories And
State-Of-The-Art Error-Correcting Codes
16 Jul 2012, 14.30 16.mp4 [1.0G] 16.pdf [ 66M] 16.html

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