Ph.D. Thesis

I completed my thesis in December 2003. It is available for download either as one document or as individual chapters.

J. M. Winn
Variational Message Passing and its Applications
Ph.D. Thesis, Department of Physics, University of Cambridge, 2003.

Entire thesis [ps.gz 2.7M] [pdf 1.8M]

Individual chapters
Front material, notation, contents [ps.gz 145K] [pdf 115K]
Chapter 1: Inference in Graphical Models [ps.gz 324K] [pdf 448K]
Chapter 2: A Variational Inference Framework [ps.gz 575K] [pdf 538K]
Chapter 3: Non-linear Image Modelling [ps.gz 719K] [pdf 373K]
Chapter 4: Microarray Image Analysis [ps.gz 1.3M] [pdf 596K]
Chapter 5: Structured Variational Distributions [ps.gz 210K] [pdf 251K]
Chapter 6: Conclusions and Future Work [ps.gz 83K] [pdf 79K]
Appendices & Bibliography [ps.gz 112K] [pdf 96K]