Takashi Kaburagi visit to Cambridge

Useful phone numbers

Takashi Kaburagi's mobile phone is +81-90-9967-6495
 fax at Waseda: +81-3-5286-3377

David MacKay's mobile phone is    07952 640 466.
Work tel: (01223) 339852    (or university extension 39852)
fax:  354599  
home: 740511                (or university extension 40511)

Chris Ball's mobile phone is 07766 523542, e-mail address is

international code: replace (01223) by +44 1223
David MacKay's house is 19, Thornton Road, Girton, Cambridge. (About 3 miles from the centre of Cambridge.)


I checked on the British Embassy webpage, and you do not need a visa.

You asked if a national of Japan needs a visa to come to the UK as an academic visitor for six months or less.
No, you do not need a visa.
On arrival in the UK you must satisfy an immigration officer that you qualify for entry to the United Kingdom as an academic visitor for six months or less under the Immigration Rules.

We will send you a letter saying that the department is inviting you as an academic visitor.

Cavendish Lab

We will work at the Physics Department - various map links are here. The building is open from about 8.30am to 5.30pm Mondays-Fridays. We are in the Rutherford building, which is the northwest building in the Cavendish laboratory. David MacKay's office is 961. Chris Ball's office is 935A.

You will have a computer account on the machine Your email address will be kaburagi[AT]

Darwin College

Your accommodation will be in Darwin College. Visitors' information. We will give you living expenses to cover your accommodation, and so you can buy food.

The accommodation costs £12.00 per night and the room is in 2 Newnham Terrace, Room 4.

When you pay Darwin College for your accommodation, please ask for a receipt. [We would like to give the receipt to the Cavendish laboratory accounts.]

You may eat meals in Darwin College dining hall if you wish (monday-saturday lunchtimes 12.45-1.30pm, and mon, tue, wed, thu, sat evenings 6.45pm-7.15pm). I will show you how to fill in the dining forms.

Darwin is about 1.5 miles from the Cavendish laboratory. You can do the journey by foot or by bike or by bus. By foot and by bike, the recommended route is the Coton cycle path route (Darwin College, University library, Adams Road, Coton Cycle Path).


Th 14 Oct Arrive Heathrow at 15:30. Take train to Cambridge. Take taxi to Darwin College. David MacKay will meet you there. Dinner at Darwin College, 6.45pm. Move in to room at Darwin College.
Fr 15 Collaborate with Chris Ball. (David MacKay leaves Cambridge). Dinner with Tadashi Tokieda, Trinity Hall.
Sat 16 (David MacKay away from Cambridge)
Sun 17 Meet Tadashi Tokieda, Trinity Hall. (David MacKay returns to Cambridge in afternoon or evening)
Mon 18 Optional visit to UCL, London: Train from Cambridge railway station, 10.15am. Attend lectures in afternoon.
Tue 19
Wed 20 11am: Dasher meeting
3pm: Group meeting. Ryle seminar room, Rutherford building. (every Wednesday)
Thu 21 Optional visit to London: David MacKay talking about Dasher at a Seminar on Computers for Disabled people.
Fr 22 ...
Tuesdays: David MacKay goes to London for the day.
Thursdays: Machine learning journal club; 11am-12.30pm.

Kanji Dasher project

Other people who are collaborating with us on Japanese Dasher, in addition to the Matusmoto lab, are:
Kenji Itoh
 Kenji Itoh, Ph.D.
 Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management
 Graduate School of Decision Science and Technology
 Tokyo Institute of Technology
 2-12-1 Oh-okayama Meguro-ku Tokyo 152-8552 Japan
 Phone: +81-3-5734-2362 (Direct)
            +81-3-5734-2245 (Secretary)
 FAX:    +81-3-5734-2947
 E-mail: ken[AT]
He is doing experiments on using Hiragana Dasher with an eye-tracker. It might be good if you communicate with Professor Itoh about his project. One thing that he is doing is creating a corpus of Japanese text for training Dasher.
Tadashi Tokieda
Dr Tokieda teaches Mathematics at Cambridge University. He has been interested in the Dasher project for about 4 years. tokieda[AT]dpmms[dot]
Simon Cozens
Simon helped us create the first Kanji Dasher alphabets, when Prof Matsumoto was visiting. The Dasher alphabets are listed here.

Travel information

When you arrive at Heathrow, there are three possible routes to Cambridge:

  1. Underground train to Kings Cross, then Train from Kings Cross to Cambridge
  2. Train to Paddington, Underground to Kings Cross, then Train from Kings Cross to Cambridge
  3. Coach from Heathrow bus station to Cambridge bus station
I usually use the first of these methods. The journey time is about 2 hours and 15 minutes, and it is a simple and reliable journey.

The second method is probably a little faster, but it is more expensive and a little more complicated, since it involves 3 trains instead of two.

The third method is very simple, but the coach journey can be quite long if the roads are busy.

The fast trains to Cambridge from Kings Cross usually depart at xx.15 and xx.45 (where xx is any hour); the final destination of these trains is either "Cambridge" or "Kings Lynn". The journey to Cambridge takes at most one hour.

David J.C. MacKay
Oct 2004