Inference Group, Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge, England.

Hopfield/Brody mouse (mus silicium)

Time-warp-invariant computation with action potentials

In December 2000, the Inference Group won both parts of Hopfield and Brody's `mouse brain' competition.

For competition A, the challenge was to explain how a simulated `mouse brain' made up of about a thousand neurons performed speech recognition; competition B required entrants to construct their own simulated brain, capable of speech recognition on a ten-word vocabulary, like Hopfield and Brody's.

David MacKay & Seb Wills
14th December 2000

Contact information:

David MacKay: +44-1223-339852, or via
Seb Wills: +44-1223 337344, or via

Seb Wills (right) and his PhD supervisor David MacKay
David MacKay (left) and Seb Wills