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LaTeX stuff

  • My BibTeX file bibs.bib (containing every paper I have cited). And a BibTeX file containing just my own publications mackay.bib.
  • A Short LaTeX tutorial
  • bkmk.p Reads in a Netscape bookmark file (html) and writes out a better format bookmark file with a load of internal links. Useful if you have a huge bookmark file with many folders. example result. perl source.
  • bids2bib.p is a Perl program that will be useful to anyone who uses both BIDS and LaTeX.
    It automatically transforms information from the download format of BIDS to BibTeX format. - perl source.
  • DELATEX.p: Perl code for turning latex into ascii: README file, delatex.tar. (You could also use dvi2tty, which works very nicely except it ruins all your equations.)
  • LaTeX and BibTeX style files.

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