Sparse Graph Codes for Quantum Error-Correction (quant-ph/0304161)

David J C MacKay, Graeme Mitchison, and Paul L McFadden.

We present sparse graph codes appropriate for use in quantum error-correction.

Quantum error-correcting codes based on sparse graphs are of interest for three reasons. First, the best codes currently known for classical channels are based on sparse graphs. Second, sparse graph codes keep the number of quantum interactions associated with the quantum error correction process small: a constant number per quantum bit, independent of the blocklength. Third, sparse graph codes often offer great flexibility with respect to blocklength and rate.

We believe some of the codes we present are unsurpassed by previously published quantum error-correcting codes.

Journal submission (35 pages, large font): qecc.pdf. | <- UK | Canada -> | qecc.pdf.

Journal version (18 pages, double column, small font): qecc.pdf. | <- UK | Canada -> | qeccFinal.pdf.
To appear in IEEE Transactions on Information Theory 50(10), October 2004.

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quant-ph/0304161. Extended version of paper submitted to IEEE Transactions on Information Theory.

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