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Supervision information

Supervisions are on Thursdays and Fridays.

Thursdays in TCM seminar room (top floor, Mott building) Fridays 1.45-2.45pm in Mott seminar room (Room 531) Fridays 3-4pm in Mott seminar room, mostly
Thu 5th February 4pm-5pmFri 6 FebFri 6 Feb pippard
Thu 12 Feb 4pm-5pmFri 13 FebFri 13 Feb
Thu 19 Feb 5pm-6pmFri 20 FebFri 20 Feb
Thu 26 Feb 5pm-6pmFri 27 FebFri 27 Feb
Thu 5 March 5pm-6pmFri 6 MarFri 6 Mar pippard
Thu 12 March 5pm-6pmFri 13 MarFri 13 Mar

What work to do

The book contains numerous exercises, complete with worked solutions. A subset of these exercises will be designated as the exercises you should work on each week. [Generally, these exercises are the ones marked `highly recommended' by a marginal rat.] I encourage you not to look at the worked solutions for these exercises before you have attempted them yourself.

In the supervisions, we will focus in detail on just a few of the exercises. (You should work on all the exercises yourselves before supervisions.)

So far

The first week's recommended exercises: 1.3 (p.8), 1.5-7 (p.13), 1.9, & 1.11 (p.14).

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