Overrelaxation contrasted with Gibbs sampling

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This demonstration should work if you are running X-windows on a unix machine which has gnuplot.
If you have got gnuplot on some other system, it may work.
If you have not got gnuplot, I recommend you take a PC and put linux on it.

To run the demonstration:

  1. get the demonstration files (449K) by clicking here http / ftp or by anonymous ftp to www.inference.org.uk, cd pub/www/mackay/itprnn/code/adler, binary, get demo.tar.gz.
  2. unpack thus:
           gunzip demo.tar
           tar xvf demo.tar
    This unpacks a load of files into a directory called adler.
  3.        cd adler
  4. modify your X windows defaults so that the gnuplot colours and fonts come out right.
           xrdb -load Xdefaults.gnu
  5.        gnuplot
  6. To run the demo:
           load 'gnu'
    During this sequence, hit return when you are ready for the next picture.


The source code is given in the directory octave.
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