Information Theory, Pattern Recognition and Neural Networks

Part III Physics Course


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My book: Information Theory, Inference and Learning Algorithms

Notes on downloading and printing:
  • choose http/ftp, choose one-page or two-page
  • please click on the `ftp from cambridge' options if your web browser doesn't handle the direct connection well. Shift-click sometimes works better than click.
  • choose `two-page' if you would like to get a reduced-size version with two pages per page, to save trees. This two-page version should print out OK (with the exception of a small number of figures), but does not view well under ghostview.
  • Individual chapters can be obtained from this page (ps and pdf). For the most up to date version of all chapters, download the whole Book
  • NB: The page format is quite wide. The present "A4" version of the book will not print out on an A4 printer (but it should be OK on US letter). Whenever I print the book, I first run it through pstops and print it "two-up". Apologies for any inconvenience.