David MacKay

From tonyrosser@thefreeinternet.co.uk  Wed Jul 11 09:56:53 2001
From: "Tony Rosser" 

Battery Connector problem, where wires break at 2 pin

With a steady hand, small soldering iron, small cutters
and pliers and componenets from RS Components I managed
to renew the battery wires and 2 pin connector.

2 Way Housing RS 279-9156
Crimp Lead RS 279-9516


From: Sven Killig [sven@killig.de]   December 26 2011

The housing RS 279-9156 doesn't fit perfectly, but good enough.
Only the wire RS 279-9516 is too short as a replacement for the
long one, so I replaced it with RS 279-9443 that has double the
length and even is cheaper.

As they come in packs of 10 and only to commercial customers, I
sell my surplus at cost for 4,12 €/assembly. Just send this amount
via PayPal to sven@killig.de to get one.

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