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Connecting to a printer

I have found remarkably little information on connecting psions to printers. I have got an epson LX-850 with both serial port and parallel port and I have the psion 3-link and the parallel link. How should all the little switches on the printer be set, and how should the psion settings be set?

Serial connection

mjh@cee.hw.ac.uk (Malcolm J. Hutchison) advised me:
1. on the print setup menu, there is a choice of Epson LQ / Epson RX / General, all of which seem plausible.
I would go for Espon RX as it was a predecessor to the FX range ie very old so any modern Epson should 'emulate' it.
more advice:
Epson LQs are 24-pin printers, so this won't work properly with an LX (9-pin) printer. I'd advise trying the RX instead.
2. On the side of the Epson LX-850 there are about 15 little switches each having at least two positions. Presumably these control what sort of printer the Epson thinks it is emulating. (I don't have the printer manual)
If you have the serial version of the printer these would control things like speed, handshaking as well as the initial start-up mode of the printer (Draft/NLQ, NOrmal/Narrow font etc).
Hunt around the printer for some tables, eg under any removable cover etc. Failing that you contact Epson UK see if they can help.
Actually I found a manual!
Or you could just experiment. Have all the switches ON - this will probably put it at max speed (19200 or 9600 at a guess) then start altering the settings on the Psion - start at full speed (19200) if that does not do anything try 9600, no handshaking.

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