David MacKay

 Used for posting announcements about new programs/hardware; the FAQ
 is also posted to this group.  This is a low volume group and it's
 moderated, that means that all postings must get approved first by
 the moderator (Michael L. Kaufman).  If your news program does not
 send your post to the moderator, you can send it yourself directly
 for approval at: psion@acm.org

 Used for posting questions/answers to all Psion related programs;
 frequented by all Psion programmers to get your feedback of course ;-)

 Used for selling/buying Psion articles

 Used for any subject which does not fall into one of the other

 Used for posting programming questions ( OPL / C / ... ), NOT

 Used for posting reviews about Psion programs/hardware.  This group
 is also moderated by Michael L. Kaufman and you can also send your
 postings directly to him at: psion@acm.org

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