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Buying power supplies for psion 3a/3c/3fax

You can order a power supply for Psion 3a at any Radio Shack store. Their catalog lists only the 3c, but it is really the same thing.

I would like to share with you my success in finding an AC adaptor that is
an inexpensive alternative to the Psion accessory. Not wanting to go
with mail-ordering an AC adaptor, I found one 
where the end that plugs into the 3a fits perfectly (it seems to be an
odd size). It is designed to fit Nintendo's Game Boy.
The Psion 3a manual indicates that an AC adaptor with a negative tip, and
an output of 9 - 10 volts and 150 mA is required. The Performance-brand
adaptor I purchased (see below) is rated at 6 
volt/200mA DC output. It has a negative tip, the same polarity as used in
the Psion.  However, as seems typical of the AC adaptors I've tested, the
actual output (8.7 volts) is greater than the
rated voltage. Although slightly shy of the 9 - 10-volt Psion
requirement, everything seems to work well after a week of testing,
including use of the 3Link cable, which requires more power than
the Psion alone.

Though made in China, the third-party company that distributes the
adaptor that I purchased is Performance (STD Entertainment , Inc), 110
Lakefront Drive, Hunt Valley, MD 21030, USA.  

Retail stores here in Utah sell it for only $6.99 (US)!  I assume that
there is a Game Boy AC adaptor distributed by Nintendo with similar
specifications, but I would guess the price to be
somewhat higher.

--- Alan in Sandy, Utah, USA
I am using for over a year now a third party multi voltage adaptor without
any problems.

Itamar Engelsman
 London, 04/09/97


You can bulk-buy batteries from various places including Hills components. Also:
watchbattery@watchbattery.fsbusiness.co.uk Wed Sep 06 09:56:10 2000
From: Andrew Fish 
Subject: Psion Batteries

 The Psion I believe takes a 2032 battery which we sell for 1.75 post free.
These are Rayovac batteries and not some cheap equivalent!

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