David MacKay

Left Hinge Surgery

10.jpg ( 184 K) : Here is the broken hinge piece.
11.jpg ( 200 K) : This is what your psion looks like when you open it when your left hinge is broken.
12.jpg ( 184 K) : Another View of broken-hinged psion when psion is open.
13.jpg ( 184 K) : Another View of broken-hinged psion when psion is open.
14.jpg ( 192 K) : Another view showing the gap between batteries and body.
15.jpg ( 168 K) : Step one: battery compartment removed.
16.jpg ( 168 K) : The battery connector released from its retaining tab, but not disconnected from the body. (I don't know why the FAQ recommends disconnecting the batteries; it didn't seem necessary for this operation.)
22.jpg ( 160 K) : The battery connector has been removed; here is a hinge and spring.
23.jpg ( 168 K) : Spring removed to one side.
24.jpg ( 160 K) : Here I am twisting the button bar so you can see the stump of the hinge.
25.jpg ( 160 K) : I drilled the hole using a sharp precision screwdriver as a drill. The plastic is quite soft.
26.jpg ( 168 K) : I made the new hinge out of a paper clip. I bent it double to give it some thickness, then put a right angle in it. Tony Humphreys said I created the new hinge pin from a small round headed nail. I sawed it to a stump of the right size and filed the head to a D. Then I pushed it through the drilled hole and superglued it into place. The D shape allowed the head to fit snugly among the various mouldings This was one of the few occasions I have succeeded with superglue! Though if the superglue does give way then the spring holds the nail head in place anyway.
27.jpg ( 168 K) : New hinge installed but not yet trimmed..
28.jpg ( 152 K) : Hinge trimmed and held in place
29.jpg ( 176 K) : The battery connector snug under its retaining tab.

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