David MacKay

My Toolbar (Psion Application Buttons) is Dead!

Every few days, someone says:
I turned my Psion 3a on this morning to discover that it won't respond to
pressing any of the "System", "Data", ... buttons.  Aghast, I did a soft
reset to no effect.

Anyone had this happen to their Psion?  Suggestions either as a self fix or
(horrors) who I could send away to be fixed cheaply and quickly?

Also, does anyone know in the meantime if there is any other way to skip
back to the System screen when in an application, other than the "System"
This happened to me after 14 months' careful use of my psion 3a. I never dropped it on the floor or got it wet. I am very upset about this, as I expected my psion to last for years, and psion uk seem unwilling to fix the problem without a huge (75 pound) charge. I think this is outrageous, as the product is clearly defective if it stops working after 14 months careful use.

There are hardware fixes and software fixes. The Psion FAQ (the relevant bit is copied here contains a hardware fix recipe involving skillful use of a screwdriver (by Kevin Reilly). [You could also send the Psion off to a repair company - Pinnock Organiser Services (0181 677 9246) who are supposedly better, cheaper and quicker than Psion.] Here are the software fixes....

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