Photos from Argentina, October/November 2003

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These photos from Argentina are spread over three pages. This one carries photos from the Salta and Mendoza provinces, mostly from the Andes at 2000-4000m. The 'Puente Del Inca' site is worth a mention: sulphuric springs bubble out of the ground just below Aconcagua, the highest peak in the Americas. Once the site of a luxurious spa hotel, destroyed in an avalanche in the sixties, you can still take a dip in the ruined baths in the brisk air at about 3000m. Quite an experience.

The salt flats were quite awesome, too. You ascend from the lower plains via some stunning zig-zagging roads, to reach the expanse of the altiplano, at some 4000m of altitude, which is where the salt plains lie. The quasi-regular hexagonal convection cells appealed to the physicist in me, too.

CachiChurch CachiMountains ploughing NearAconcagua
PuntaDelInca PuntaDelInca2 PuntaDelInca3 PuntaDelInca4
SalinasGrande1 SalinasGrande2 SalinasGrande3 salt
cacti cactus church2 churchbell
colouredcanyon evening obispo-valley stall
valley woman

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