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About Me


I have finished my PhD in Cambridge and am now a Research Scientist with the Max Planck Society. This website will not be updated in the near future. For more up to date information on me and my work, please see my new site.

Old website text follows below:

My work revolves around probabilistic models for data and processes exhibiting complex structure.

Almost all aspects of human life - from mundane tasks like deciding what clothes to put on the morning to the most elaborate scientific experiments - conjoin unknown and uncertain with well-understood features. Probability theory provides a robust, expressive, mathematically sound framework in which all these facets can be expressed. This allows uncertainty and risk to be expressed explicitly, information (data) to be leveraged optimally, and decisions to be taken rationally.

The digital age has created a wealth of of data too complex, and too abundant for humans to comprehend. Algorithms that discover structure, extract information and cast both into comprehensible form can help us understand our world, and ourselves, better.