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In May 2000 Physics Today fired Jeff Schmidt, a long-time, excellent editor, for writing a brilliant book too close to the truth: Disciplined Minds. The American Institute of Physics, publishers of Physics Today, have just settled the case on terms very favorable to Schmidt. Here are documents about the settlement.

I was a physics lecturer at the University of Cambridge, in David MacKay's Inference group where I followed my interests in improving physics and mathematics teaching and in writing textbooks, supported by the Gatsby Charitable Trust. I am now at at MIT.

Iraq war

My favorite poster from the peace demonstration in London (Feb 2003): Make Tea Not War. And in one picture, an explanation of the war on Iraq.

Physics and war

Talk (18 Nov 2004)

Physics, physics education, and war.


MIT IAP course (2006): 8.298 Lies and Damn Lies

IB thermodynamics (2004) course website

Reading the media, given at Caltech (January 2002).

Approximation materials

Caltech order-of-magnitude-physics course materials from 1995 and 1997 (syllabi, problem and solution sets, exams, handouts)

Examples of how to teach approximation

Dissertation (US letter format) including one-half of a textbook on order-of-magnitude physics.

The draft textbook is also available on its own. The MIT IAP course page has a more recent version.

Science/math education

Classic report on mathematics teaching by Louis Benezet, about an experiment done 70 years ago in Manchester, New Hampshire.

My papers on history of science and science teaching for the 2001 IHPST conference in Denver, Colorado.

My observations on teaching first-year physics.

Teaching survey: A study of physics teaching in Cambridge physics department.


Mark Littman QC on Nato's illegal and immoral bombing of Yugoslavia.

Computer Othello

BILL: An Othello program released under the GPL. About 210KB. It was once one of the strongest Othello players in the world (since far surpassed!).

Other teaching materials

At Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. Teaching material used for IA (first-year) physics. Notes on relativity (spacetime diagrams) are here.

Postgraduate mathematics and science opportunities in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa.

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