Order of Magnitude Physics: General Information

This material will be copyright 1997 by Peter Goldreich, Sterl Phinney.
  • Material from 1995 including the old final, its solutions; problem sets, solution sets, notes, and handouts.

    Homework, syllabus, etc files on this page are in Postscript.

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    Possible topics

    See the syllabus handout.

    Office hours/Section times

    Help/recitation session Sunday 7:30-9pm in 124 Bridge Annex (the Interaction Room). Further office hours for help: please call or email TA to schedule. Preferred times most likely available are:


    Class notes

    Send any corrections to sanjoy@mrao.cam.ac.uk, and I'll post the corrected version. Sanjoy's handwritten class notes (the tex versions for them will take a bit longer) are in the Interaction room (where the section meets) in Bridge Annex, in a manila envelope where the Ph103b materials are. You can photocopy what you want, and return it so others can use it.

    Problem sets

    Solution sets

    Final exam

    Class times and room locations

    Lecture locations are given in the syllabus handout.

    Teaching assistants

    The three TA's for the class are Albert Yen, Mark Roulston, and Sanjoy Mahajan.