Herbert D. Zeman, Ph.D.

25 August 2001



Marc H. Brodsky (via e-mail)

CEO and Executive Director

American Institute of Physics

One Physics Ellipse

College Park, Maryland 20740


Dear Professors Rahman, Reiter, and Lee,


Sounds to me that Jeff Schmidt was treated pretty badly.  I'm going to find out myself.  I just ordered a copy of Disciplined Minds from Amazon.com.  I'll read the book myself and find out if I agree with him.  Burning books and punishing authors is a good way to get their books read.  I hope a lot of recipients of your email do the same thing as me and buy his book.  Salmon Rushdie must have made a lot of money off the death threat after his book was published.  I had hoped that such treatment of authors would never happen in the USA.  I inherited the investments that resulted from my father's (Mark Zemansky's) book royalties.  I know what a successful book can do.  I hope Jeff Schmidt makes a million.


Sincerely yours,


Herbert D. Zeman