Tilt control of Dasher on a Toshiba Tablet PC

The Toshiba Portege m200 Tablet PC has built-in accelerometers (mainly used to automatically orientate the display whichever way up you hold it).

The tiny program described here allows you to write with Dasher using these sensors, just by tilting the tablet. Tilting the tablet left causes the cursor to move left, and so on. An initial four point calibration allows you to use any posture, orientation and range of angle that you wish. Tilting is a very natural and unobtrusive way of controlling Dasher -- perhaps a bit clunky on a large device such as the Tablet PC, but I consider this proof of concept for tilt-Dasher in general, which would really come into its own on hand-held devices.

ToshTilt reads from the accelerometers (thanks to Larry O'Brien for disassembling Tosbiba's DLL) and sends the results to Dasher's UDP socket input (Dasher version 4+).

ToshTilt is available under Src/Tools/ToshTilt in Dasher's source tree. Here are copies of:

Here's a very tiny video clip of tilt Dasher in operation, showing me tilting the tablet in four directions and then writing "Greetings from Tilt Dasher" (this wasn't intended to be a speed trial; I probably could have gone faster). The clip was recorded from above, using the video capture facility on a mobile phone: 3GP format / MPEG video

Seb Wills, November 2005