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From Sustainable Energy - without the hot air

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eps hi-res png lo-res png 
1hi-reslo-res png Summary message about all figures
2hi-reslo-res png image: Machine2.jpg.eps
Chapter 1: Motivations
3hi-reslo-res png image: LoveHate.eps
4hi-reslo-res png data: eia/NorthSOprice.eps
5hi-reslo-res png data: EdFGap.eps
6hi-reslo-res png /carbon/lawdome0.eps
7hi-reslo-res png /carbon/lawdome.eps data: England.eps
8hi-reslo-res png data: GHG/ghg.1
9hi-reslo-res png carbon: /worldCOO.1
10hi-reslo-res png carbon: /regionsCOO.1
11hi-reslo-res png carbon: /countriesCOO.1
12hi-reslo-res png Cumulative emissions countriesCOO.1
13hi-reslo-res png data: EnglandL5a.eps
14hi-reslo-res png data: EnglandL8a.eps
15hi-reslo-res png data: EnglandL8b.eps
16hi-reslo-res png data: EnglandL5b.eps
17hi-reslo-res png data: highstakes.t.eps
Chapter 2: The balance sheet
324hi-reslo-res png stacks.231
325hi-reslo-res png Summary of red and green /blah.1
326hi-reslo-res png stacks.121
327hi-reslo-res png stacks.127
18hi-reslo-res png image: Bulbs60d.jpg.eps
19hi-reslo-res png image: CarsBMWSpaceship3.jpg.eps
20hi-reslo-res png image: butter.eps image: butter/energy1.eps
21hi-reslo-res png stacks.21
22hi-reslo-res png data: transportmode.eps
23hi-reslo-res png Table of calorific values
24hi-reslo-res png image: ExhaustPipe.jpg.eps
25hi-reslo-res png data: cambridge/Cam2006.eps
26hi-reslo-res png data: cairngorm/CairngormWind2006.eps
27hi-reslo-res png stacks.22
28hi-reslo-res png data: cambridge/DailyHist.eps data: cambridge/HalfHourlyHist.eps
29hi-reslo-res png stacks.23
30hi-reslo-res png image: ph_bombardier_q400_07.jpg.eps
31hi-reslo-res png image: Ryanairarp.eps
32hi-reslo-res png stacks.303
33hi-reslo-res png earth.15
34hi-reslo-res png data: NASA.eps
35hi-reslo-res png data: viridian.eps image: viridian.eps
36hi-reslo-res png stacks.24
37hi-reslo-res png image: adelmans.eps
38hi-reslo-res png ../../girton/solarM.eps ../../girton/PanelsMed.jpg.eps
39hi-reslo-res png image: BavariaSolar2.eps
40hi-reslo-res png solar.4002
41hi-reslo-res png stacks.25
42hi-reslo-res png plants.155
43hi-reslo-res png image: miscanthus.eps
44hi-reslo-res png stacks.26
45hi-reslo-res png solar.12
46hi-reslo-res png data: solar/insol2.1
47hi-reslo-res png image: SolarPanel2.jpg.eps
48hi-reslo-res png data: spectrum/Spec.eps data: spectrum/SpecSQ.eps
49hi-reslo-res png data: cambridge/HoursSunshine3.eps
50hi-reslo-res png data: sanyo.eps
51hi-reslo-res png plants.99
52hi-reslo-res png Heliodynamics image: hdsolar.eps
53hi-reslo-res png image: cam/houses2.eps
54hi-reslo-res png inkscape/bath2.eps
55hi-reslo-res png image: gadgets/MicrowFridgeF.jpg.eps
56hi-reslo-res png stacks.251
57hi-reslo-res png image: gadgets/Heater2kW.jpg.eps
58hi-reslo-res png stacks.261
59hi-reslo-res png data: cambridge/Cam2006Temp.eps
60hi-reslo-res png stacks.271
61hi-reslo-res png data: newgas0.eps
62hi-reslo-res png stacks.27
63hi-reslo-res png heights.21 maps/bedford.eps
64hi-reslo-res png image: nant-y-moch3.jpg.eps
65hi-reslo-res png stacks.28
66hi-reslo-res png image: DinorwigWheel.jpg.eps
67hi-reslo-res png stacks.280
68hi-reslo-res png bulbs.21 image: Bulbs20.jpg.eps
69hi-reslo-res png image: LEDBulb.jpg.eps
Offshore wind
70hi-reslo-res png ../../refs/DTIAtlas/
71hi-reslo-res png image: /nac_5.jpg.eps image: /Windfarm_Site_002.jpg.eps
72hi-reslo-res png stacks.30
73hi-reslo-res png Birds lost in action - sign.333
74hi-reslo-res png image: MagnusAbseilers.eps image: TerryCavnerRig.eps
75hi-reslo-res png image: langeledPipes.jpg.eps
76hi-reslo-res png image: /Aerial_View_1.jpg.eps image: /Windfarm_landview006.jpg.eps
77hi-reslo-res png image: BeatriceBaseCORR.jpg.eps image: Beatrice0.jpg.eps image: Beatrice4.jpg.eps image: Beatrice6.jpg.eps
78hi-reslo-res png Vader/Charger - image: ChargerR3B.eps figs/dv1a.eps
79hi-reslo-res png image: FiveChargers00a.jpg.eps
80hi-reslo-res png image: gadgets/CordlessPhoneA.jpg.eps image: LousyPhone.eps
81hi-reslo-res png stacks.282
82hi-reslo-res png London poster - ../../refs/Unplug.jpg.eps
83hi-reslo-res png image: pelamis-seatrials.eps
84hi-reslo-res png image: waves.eps
85hi-reslo-res png map: /atlantic.eps
86hi-reslo-res png stacks.283
87hi-reslo-res png image: MagnusForCafe.eps
88hi-reslo-res png map: /uist.eps
89hi-reslo-res png image: SaladNicoise.jpg.eps
90hi-reslo-res png stacks.207
91hi-reslo-res png stacks.209
92hi-reslo-res png stacks.2081
93hi-reslo-res png image: SheepByEricLeVinC.eps
94hi-reslo-res png dog2.0
95hi-reslo-res png stacks.284
96hi-reslo-res png earth.155
97hi-reslo-res png image: Ted03c.eps image: TideMillc.jpg.eps
98hi-reslo-res png tide.5 map: /northsea.eps
99hi-reslo-res png tide.4
100hi-reslo-res png map: /northseaT.eps
101hi-reslo-res png map: /strangford10.eps map: /larance10.a.eps map: /strangford10.c.eps map: /larance10.b.eps
102hi-reslo-res png map: /lagoon.eps
103hi-reslo-res png stacks.285
104hi-reslo-res png image: FoodMilesC.jpg.eps map: /cornwall.eps
105hi-reslo-res png image: Selfridges.eps
106hi-reslo-res png stacks.610 stacks.213
107hi-reslo-res png stacks.609 image: PT_ProductionLenzburg4_720.eps
108hi-reslo-res png image: BargeMakingWaves2C.jpg.eps
109hi-reslo-res png image: BargeRiverRhine2.jpg.eps image: ConcreteMixer.eps image: freightTrain.eps freight.458
110hi-reslo-res png image: ROTrain.eps image: ROPump2.eps
111hi-reslo-res png image: IanBoyleContainerShip.jpg.eps
112hi-reslo-res png Road freight - stacks.346
113hi-reslo-res png stacks.211
114hi-reslo-res png stacks.286
115hi-reslo-res png image: NesjavellirPowerPlant800.eps
116hi-reslo-res png earth.20
117hi-reslo-res png image: Granit2C.jpg.eps
118hi-reslo-res png earth.21
119hi-reslo-res png earth.710
120hi-reslo-res png stacks.287
Public services
121hi-reslo-res png image: MilTrench.jpg.eps
122hi-reslo-res png image: paladin.eps
123hi-reslo-res png stacks.288
124hi-reslo-res png image: mlrs3.jpg.eps
125hi-reslo-res png Summary of red and green - stacks.388
Can we live on renewables?
126hi-reslo-res png data: humandev/EnALL.eps
127hi-reslo-res png image: Hong_KongML.eps
128hi-reslo-res png stacks.801
129hi-reslo-res png stacks.122
130hi-reslo-res png stacks.289
131hi-reslo-res png map (black and white regions): /villages.eps
132hi-reslo-res png stacks.2007
133hi-reslo-res png Cartoon - stacks.799
Better transport
134hi-reslo-res png image: Lexus1.jpg.eps
135hi-reslo-res png image: Train_wreck_at_Montparnasse_1895.jpg.eps
136hi-reslo-res png image: TubeTrainS.jpg.eps image: TubeTrainIntS.jpg.eps image: TrainsKX1.jpg.eps image: MuniTrolleybusesC.jpg.eps image: vancouverseabusC.eps
137hi-reslo-res png image: cambluefront2c.eps
138hi-reslo-res png image: ChristianaBike.eps
139hi-reslo-res png image: StoppingTrain2C.jpg.eps
140hi-reslo-res png image: /Routemaster.eps image: RedBus.eps image: SJPCroydonTram.eps
141hi-reslo-res png figs/emissions.eps
142hi-reslo-res png image: TrainInterior.jpg.eps
143hi-reslo-res png image: DutchRoundabout4.jpg.eps image: DutchRoundabout2.jpg.eps
144hi-reslo-res png image: WelcomeCyc4.jpg.eps image: TamworthRoadCroydon.eps
145hi-reslo-res png image: ElectricCarOnly3.eps
146hi-reslo-res png image: CarsSilver2.jpg.eps
147hi-reslo-res png image: InfiniteBikes6.jpg.eps
148hi-reslo-res png image: /Lyon_velov.jpg.eps
149hi-reslo-res png image: congestion.eps
150hi-reslo-res png image: BMW2f.eps figs/BMW3.eps image: accumulator.eps image: twomotors.eps
151hi-reslo-res png stacks.449
152hi-reslo-res png image: Fly2xcL.eps image: JHflywheel.eps
153hi-reslo-res png image: Prius4.jpg.eps
154hi-reslo-res png image: Canantes1.eps image: frnkfrt1.eps
155hi-reslo-res png image: Hummer-H2H.eps
156hi-reslo-res png image: bmw7Hydrogen.eps
157hi-reslo-res png image: Earthrace-2M.eps
158hi-reslo-res png image: JLC_FCXClarity.eps
159hi-reslo-res png image: AirbusA380CCC.jpg.eps
160hi-reslo-res png image: rijndam-maiden-nyc.eps
161hi-reslo-res png image: NSsavannah-1962c.eps
162hi-reslo-res png image: NuclearicebreakeryamalC.eps
163hi-reslo-res png Maglev image: magShanghaiM.eps
164hi-reslo-res png By Kele Baker - image: GWizRally/rally1.JPG.eps image: GWizRally/rally2.JPG.eps
165hi-reslo-res png stacks.204
166hi-reslo-res png image: thinkox_007M.eps
167hi-reslo-res png image: i_MiEV_1_M.eps
168hi-reslo-res png image: lightning.eps
169hi-reslo-res png image: aptera1.eps
170hi-reslo-res png image: loremo4.eps
171hi-reslo-res png image: TREVcar.eps
172hi-reslo-res png image: rav4-ev.eps
173hi-reslo-res png image: Vectrix2.eps
Smarter Heating
174hi-reslo-res png image: HouseSnow.jpg.eps
175hi-reslo-res png data: HeatData.eps
176hi-reslo-res png heating.1
177hi-reslo-res png data: newgas.eps
178hi-reslo-res png image: Cavity1.eps
179hi-reslo-res png image: frontdoorOx.eps
180hi-reslo-res png hand-drawn:
181hi-reslo-res png hand-drawn:
182hi-reslo-res png heatpump.1 heatpump.2
183hi-reslo-res png heatpump.3
184hi-reslo-res png map: /eggborough.eps image: Drax.jpg.eps
328hi-reslo-res png CHP data. heatpump.99
329hi-reslo-res png CHP data. heatpump.100
330hi-reslo-res png CHP data and Heatpumps. heatpump.101
185hi-reslo-res png image: FujitsuIn2.eps image: FujitsuOut.jpg.eps
186hi-reslo-res png London poster - TurnDownJ.eps
Efficient electricity use
187hi-reslo-res png data: vampD.eps
188hi-reslo-res png image: IKEAcrap2.eps
189hi-reslo-res png data: SmugElec.eps
Sustainable fossil fuels?
190hi-reslo-res png image: LordHinton_iIanBoyle.jpg.eps image: Kingsnorth_IanBoyle.jpg.eps
191hi-reslo-res png stacks.246
192hi-reslo-res png Nuclear by country - nu.1
193hi-reslo-res png stacks.343
194hi-reslo-res png image: GraphiteReactor.eps
195hi-reslo-res png image: Three_Mile_Island.eps
196hi-reslo-res png image: DounreayJM.eps
197hi-reslo-res png stacks.344
198hi-reslo-res png map: /sizewell.eps image: sizewell-along-beach.eps
199hi-reslo-res png data: deathsL.eps
200hi-reslo-res png image: ChernobylCol.jpg.jpg.eps image: Chernobyl4.jpg.jpg.eps image: PrypiatAndNuclearPlant.jpg.jpg.eps image: PrypiatSt.jpg.jpg.eps
201hi-reslo-res png waste.1
202hi-reslo-res png ../../refs/nuclear/World.eps
203hi-reslo-res png stacks.230
204hi-reslo-res png image: JETinside.eps
Other countries' renewables?
205hi-reslo-res png image: stirling_dish_engine_reduced.jpg.eps
206hi-reslo-res png image: CableABB.eps
207ahi-reslo-res png map: Africa-Square
207hi-reslo-res png map: /libya2.eps
208hi-reslo-res png image: ABBSolarPowerUnderCons.eps image: Andasol_I.eps
209hi-reslo-res png image: CPV.eps
210hi-reslo-res png image: manzanares.eps image: manzanares2.eps
211hi-reslo-res png image: GeothermalIceland1.eps
212hi-reslo-res png image: esolar83.eps
Fluctuations and Storage
213hi-reslo-res png data/windEire/OneYearWind.eps data: windEire/FourMonthWind.eps data: windEire/OneMonthWind.eps
214hi-reslo-res png data: NationalGrid/colo/JanGW.eps
215hi-reslo-res png data: NationalGrid/colo/0601.eps data: NationalGrid/colo/0606.eps data: NationalGrid/colo/0702.eps
216hi-reslo-res png image: OS/Dinorwig10km.eps image: OS/LochSloy10km.eps image: OS/DinorwigMap.3.eps image: OS/LochSloy1.3.eps
217hi-reslo-res png map: /maree.eps
218hi-reslo-res png map: /stwlan.eps image: Stwlan.dam.jpg.eps
219hi-reslo-res png image: 01-Okinawa-Seawater-PSPP-lg.eps
220hi-reslo-res png data: storage1.eps data: storage2.eps
221hi-reslo-res png map: /fairisle.eps stacks.821
222hi-reslo-res png image: flywheel_constr.eps
223hi-reslo-res png data: UKgas/demand07.eps
224hi-reslo-res png data: UKgas/pumped.eps
225hi-reslo-res png map: /dinorwig2.eps image: Croesor2.jpg.eps
Plans that add up
226hi-reslo-res png stacks.803
227hi-reslo-res png data: landfillVincin.eps data: recycle3.eps
228hi-reslo-res png figs/waste.eps
229hi-reslo-res png stacks.815
230hi-reslo-res png stacks.816
231hi-reslo-res png stacks.817
232hi-reslo-res png stacks.818
233hi-reslo-res png Five Plans - stacks.824
234hi-reslo-res png Plan E - stacks.819
Costs in perspective
235hi-reslo-res png map: uk.eps, key.eps
236hi-reslo-res png Plan M stacks.820
237hi-reslo-res png stacks.441
238hi-reslo-res png stacks.442
239hi-reslo-res png map: M1.eps
240hi-reslo-res png stacks.444
241hi-reslo-res png "Fat lot of good!" data: carbon/EUA.eps
Plans for Europe, North America, and the world
242hi-reslo-res png data: humandev/En.eps
243hi-reslo-res png image: SolarHeaterGO2.jpg.eps
244hi-reslo-res png Little square strikes again. map: /usa2.eps
Last thing we should talk about
245hi-reslo-res png CO2 molecule - sign.44
246hi-reslo-res png earth.25
247hi-reslo-res png earth.24
248hi-reslo-res png data: carbonpulse.eps data: carbonpulse1000.eps
249hi-reslo-res png map: /uksink.eps
250hi-reslo-res png image: SeaShell1.jpg.eps
Cars II
251hi-reslo-res png hand-drawn:
252hi-reslo-res png image: Peugeot_206_WRC.jpg.eps
253hi-reslo-res png sign.1
254hi-reslo-res png sign.2
255hi-reslo-res png image: cam/carsVWHonda.eps
Apologies for the out-of-sequence numbers
321hi-reslo-res png /carsTheory.eps
322hi-reslo-res png /bikeTheory.eps
323hi-reslo-res png /trainTheory8.eps
256hi-reslo-res png data: cars.eps
257hi-reslo-res png data: EnginePower.eps
258hi-reslo-res png data: carselec.eps
259hi-reslo-res png image: Engine. wartsila800.eps
Wind II
260hi-reslo-res png hand-drawn: newwind.4
261hi-reslo-res png wind.2 map: /wind.eps
262hi-reslo-res png image: qr6kW.eps
263hi-reslo-res png Beaufort scale table
264hi-reslo-res png image:
265hi-reslo-res png wind2.55
266hi-reslo-res png figs/vversush.eps figs/powerd.eps
267hi-reslo-res png Formula (mass)
268hi-reslo-res png image: Warw13C.eps image: Warw14.eps
269hi-reslo-res png image: Iskra5kW.eps
Planes II
270hi-reslo-res png image: /Arctic_terns.jpg.eps image: /BartailedGodwit.jpg.eps image: /AirForceOne.jpg.eps
271hi-reslo-res png hand-drawn: plane2c.1 hand-drawn: plane2c.2
272hi-reslo-res png hand-drawn: plane3a.1 hand-drawn: plane3a.2
273hi-reslo-res png hydrof.155 hydrof.156 image: HydrofoilC.eps
274hi-reslo-res png image: /Airplane_vortex_small.jpg.eps
275hi-reslo-res png figs/flightvC.eps
276hi-reslo-res png figs/plane3.eps
277hi-reslo-res png image: Cessna.310.jpg.eps
278hi-reslo-res png image: Learjet.60.eps
279hi-reslo-res png image: Easyjet737LargeC.jpg.eps
280hi-reslo-res png image: ELECTRA3.eps
281hi-reslo-res png image: Akron.eps
282hi-reslo-res png image: ekranoplanBelyaev.eps image: ekranLunInCruiseBelyaev.eps
Solar II
283hi-reslo-res png image: cam/twotrees.eps
284hi-reslo-res png image: rapeC.eps
285hi-reslo-res png image: selchp/outside.eps image: selchp/inside.eps
Heating II
286hi-reslo-res png heating.101
287hi-reslo-res png data: cambridge/Cam2006Temp2020.eps data: cambridge/Cam2006Temp3017.eps
288hi-reslo-res png data: cambridge/Cam2006dd.eps
289hi-reslo-res png data: cambridge/Cam2006ddd.eps
290hi-reslo-res png image: HouseSnow.jpg.eps
291hi-reslo-res png heating.123 image: OldSchool.eps image: Rutherford.eps image: LawFaculty.eps image: GatesCL2.eps
292hi-reslo-res png image: Serrekunda.eps
293hi-reslo-res png image: HeatEx.eps
294hi-reslo-res png heatpump.22 heatpump.21 heatpump.122 heatpump.121
295hi-reslo-res png data: cambridge/TempFit.eps
296hi-reslo-res png data: cambridge/TempDepthS.eps
Wave II
297hi-reslo-res png wave.1
298hi-reslo-res png ../wave/wWindSpeed.eps ../wave/wPeriod.eps ../wave/wWavelength.eps ../wave/wPower.eps
Tide II
299hi-reslo-res png tide.3
300hi-reslo-res png tide.1
301hi-reslo-res png map: /northseaTID.eps
302hi-reslo-res png ../tide/current.eps ../tide/power.eps
303hi-reslo-res png image: /Tides.eps
304hi-reslo-res png figs/TideStore.eps figs/TideStore2.eps
Stuff II
305hi-reslo-res png imports.21
306hi-reslo-res png image: CastingSteel.eps
307hi-reslo-res png image: NiobiumOpenCastMineBrazil.eps
308hi-reslo-res png image: ConcreteSteelBridge.eps
Useful data
309hi-reslo-res png Coal data/coalC.eps
310hi-reslo-res png Container - image: TEU.eps
311hi-reslo-res png Country data: Carbon versus GDP ../data/humandev/CvG.eps
312hi-reslo-res png Country data: Carbon versus Energy ../data/humandev/CvE.eps
313hi-reslo-res png Country data: Area versus population data/
314hi-reslo-res png Country data: Area versus population data/
315hi-reslo-res png US-state and Country data: Area versus population data/USAstates1c.eps data/plotEU.eps
316hi-reslo-res png data/ukelec.eps data/EdFGap.eps
317hi-reslo-res png ../data/NationalGrid/colo/Jan1.eps
318hi-reslo-res png data/UKgas/hydronuc.eps
319hi-reslo-res png data/UKgas/fossilfuelgas.eps
320hi-reslo-res png data/UKgas/coalgas.eps
Out of order figures with no captions
331hi-reslo-res png image: BWPower.jpg.eps
332hi-reslo-res png wind turbine Wales - /SimpleTurbineD.jpg.eps
333hi-reslo-res png wind turbine Germany - /AngleOnWind.jpg.eps
334hi-reslo-res png image of 747 - /747FrontSideD.jpg.eps
335hi-reslo-res png image of junkmail-news - /JunkPaper3.eps
336hi-reslo-res png stacks.210
337hi-reslo-res png stacks.606
338hi-reslo-res png stacks.605
339hi-reslo-res png stacks.607 image: roadbuildC.eps
340hi-reslo-res png stacks.206
341hi-reslo-res png stacks.212
342hi-reslo-res png image: BWStuffNYTV.jpg.eps
343hi-reslo-res png maps/southampton.eps
344hi-reslo-res png image: NTS_Barrage_Balloon.jpg.eps
345hi-reslo-res png image: BWPower.jpg.eps
346hi-reslo-res png image: Nuclear_Power_PlantME.eps
347hi-reslo-res png image: Stssstack.eps
348hi-reslo-res png image: nicetreesM.eps
349hi-reslo-res png image: BWBldgNY.jpg.eps
Chapter 4 - Wind (missing figures)
400hi-reslo-res png wind0.eps Cairngorm/Cambridge map
401hi-reslo-res png table 4.4
402hi-reslo-res png table 4.5
Chapters 5-18 (missing figures)
403hi-reslo-res png Table 5.3
404hi-reslo-res png ../../data/solar/insol2.1
405hi-reslo-res png ../../images/SolarPanel2.jpg.eps
406hi-reslo-res png p55 /maps/bedford.eps
407hi-reslo-res png /heights.21
408hi-reslo-res png p61 /maps/kentish.eps
409hi-reslo-res png /DellLaptop.jpg.eps ../../images/gadgets/MyPC2.jpg.eps ../../images/gadgets/TwoScreens.jpg.eps ../../images/gadgets/LaserP2.jpg.eps ../../images/gadgets/Projectorb.jpg.eps ../../images/gadgets/DigitalRadio.jpg.eps
410hi-reslo-res png /Aerial.eps
411hi-reslo-res png /MagnusForCafe.eps
412hi-reslo-res png /stacks.208
413hi-reslo-res png /CokeCanC.eps
414hi-reslo-res png car /stacks.605
415hi-reslo-res png road /stacks.607
416hi-reslo-res png /roadbuildC.eps
417hi-reslo-res png /IanBoyleContainerShip.jpg.eps
418hi-reslo-res png After the public consultation /stacks.990
419hi-reslo-res png After the public consultation (no caption) /stacks.990
Part II - (missing figures)
421hi-reslo-res png electriccar.eps c5.eps ElecCitroen1c.jpg.eps Elettrica.eps
422hi-reslo-res png GWiz.eps electriccar.eps
423hi-reslo-res png /TeslaRb.eps
424hi-reslo-res png /tramIstan.eps ../../images/PragueTram.eps
425hi-reslo-res png /OpenCastCoal.eps
426hi-reslo-res png /stacks.349
427hi-reslo-res png maps/africaSquare.eps
428hi-reslo-res png images/ABBHVDC.eps
429hi-reslo-res png NationalGrid/JanJun.eps
430hi-reslo-res png maps/dinorwig.eps
431hi-reslo-res png cartoon/NPS0bCC.jpg.eps (C)
432hi-reslo-res png /ChildEmissions.eps (C)
433hi-reslo-res png /DraxLandscape.eps
434hi-reslo-res png /BanksyMaidinlondon.eps
435hi-reslo-res png /Sizewell3.eps (C)
500hi-reslo-res png/hydrof.155 /hydrof.156 /HydrofoilC.eps (p279)
501hi-reslo-res png/newwind.1 (p263)
502hi-reslo-res png/newwind.3
503hi-reslo-res png/newwind.2
504hi-reslo-res png/WoodC.jpg.eps (p284)
505hi-reslo-res png/sunflowers.eps (p288)
506hi-reslo-res png/FlatIronHampstead.eps (p325)
508hi-reslo-res pngBlimp diagram