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On Thu 19/7/2007 it was agreed to transfer the care of from its founders to CARET.

It was also agreed that a new representative user group should be created, to provide a channel for input from users across the University to the managers and developers.

A tentative plan for the organization of is as follows: buck-stoppers
This group has overall responsibility for and make decisions about strategic plans, priorities, and so forth.
maintenance and development
This group keeps webservers and software running; and develop software.
user support and editorial
This group
  1. keeps an eye on the content being added to, looking out for misunderstanding and misuse, and providing active guidance to users who need it.
  2. maintains editorial control of the public look of, helping people make their pages look good, and making decisions about which lists and talks are featured on the front page.
user group
This group conveys the will of the people to the buck-stoppers. If we give it a wiki or web-forum of some sort, it could perhaps handle part of the user support role too, using volunteer help.

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