Part IB Advanced Physics Course

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BOOKS - can be bought from Heffers, CUP bookshop, or

The course text is:

Analytical Mechanics, Hand, L.N. and Finch, J.D. (Cambridge 1998).
- it will take you up to the level of part II Theoretical Physics and beyond. Costs less than 30 pounds, and is on discount at amazon.

Other recommended books:

Kibble and Berkshire (1985, 1996). Classical Mechanics. Addison Wesley Longman.
- This is at the same level as the 1B course, and is good in parts.

Order-of-magnitude-physics by Sanjoy Mahajan. [An online book.]

Classical Mechanics, Barger, VD and Olsson, MG (McGraw-Hill 1995)

Mechanics. Landau L D and Lifshitz E M (3rd edn Butterworth-Heinemann 1976)

For Elasticity:

Lectures on Physics, Feynman R P et al. (Addison-Wesley 1963) Vol 2: Two useful chapters.

Theory of Elasticity, Landau L D & Lifshitz E M (3rd edn Butterworth-Heinemann 1995).

Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering, Riley RF, Hobson MP and Bence SJ (CUP 1997).

Good history books

On Kepler:
author={David Layzer},
title={Constructing the Universe},
publisher={Scientific American Library},
title={ The Great Copernicus Chase : And Other Adventures in Astronomical History},
author={ Owen Gingerich },
publisher={Cambridge University Press },
year={ 1992}
author={ Owen Gingerich },
title={The Eye of Heaven : Ptolemy, Copernicus, Kepler (Masters of Modern Physics)},
publisher={ American Institute of Physics  },
year={ 1993}

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