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Worked Solutions

1B students: you're encouraged not to look at these solutions before you have worked hard on them yourselves.

Up to date solutions

Solutions, 2001 (postscript) | pdf.
Solution to the precession of the earth problem (T31) by Gareth Rees (wgr2)

Solutions to past exam questions

Somewhat outdated solutions that may fill in gaps in the up to date solutions

Worked solutions to some traditional exercises from 2000 (postscript) | (pdf)

Worked solutions to quickies (some from 1999)

Worked solutions to traditional exercises from 1999 (scanned images)

Worked solutions to deep thought from 1999

Warm fuzzy feeling awards

Thankyou to the following generous people for help with scanning in 1999:
Iain Murray
Bob Butcher
James Ransley

H.T. Leung's worked solutions to 1999 question sheet (compressed postscript, 1Megabyte) or pdf 1M

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