African Bean Game

Bao Masai Rules 
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·After the opening 
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African bean game

Bao is a game for two players played with 64 beans on an eight-by-four board.

The Rules of Bao Masai

I was taught Bao La Kimasai by Moinget Ole Kuney who works as a medic at a dispensary at Kilimanjaro International Airport in Tanzania. The Bao board has 32 holes arranged in four rows of eight, two rows for each player. The holes are called inkang'ite (singular enkang), which means bomas (cattle enclosures). The sixtyfour beans are called ingishu (singular engiteng), which means cows. The two central rows of inkang'ite are called the front rows, and the row nearest to each player is his back row. The object of the game is to move your cattle among your bomas and steal cattle from your opponents front row bomas in such a way that the opponent has no cattle in his front row.

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