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Strange Blue - Cambridge Ultimate

This page is (as of November 2005) no longer the main page for the Cambridge ultimate team Strange Blue. It contains many years of information, pictures, etc (from the recent past to 10 years ago or more), and I hope you enjoy browsing it. However, some of the information may be out of date, and some of the links broken.

For up-to-date information on ultimate frisbee in Cambridge please see or

Strange Blue - Cambridge Ultimate

Tour 3 2006, picture by Graham Bailey and Dave

2003 SB at London Winter League
We have players of all standards, from both the University and the town. Newcomers and visitors are very welcome to come along and join in.
Strange Blue for some time ranked 12th-20th among British Ultimate teams. We came 6th in the National Indoor Championships (2000), and 1st in the SE regional indoor championships (2001,2002,2003). The students' first team won the Student SE regionals in 2006. In 2006, the Open team won the B division of Tour 2, then came 15th in the A division of Tour 3. In 2008, the student team came 2nd at student nationals.
What's new:
  • Practice times (as of Mon 20/3/06)
    Sundays, 11am-2pm Jesus Green (Outdoors), Main Open Practice
    Tuesdays 5.45pm: advanced practice and open practice Jesus Green (starting 28 March 2006)
    Wednesdays pm: college league Jesus Green (starting later in year)
    Thursdays 5.45pm: pickup game Jesus Green (starting later in year)
    Tuesdays and Thursdays: track fitness session
    Saturdays: throwing session
  • Cambridge University Ultimate website: The Student Ultimate website may well be a good place for up to date information. Also, please join the email list for the latest news.
  • Sunday Practices Jesus Green, 11am.
    11-12 Warm up, Throwing, Drills.
    12-2 Experienced players' game
    12-1 Beginners' game
  • 2006 calendar:
    8/9 April: MIXED TOUR 1
    15/16 April: (Rimini)
    22/23 April: University Mixed Outdoor Nationals
    29/30 April: University Outdoor Nationals (Toms Tourney - Brugges)
    6/7 May: University Womens Nationals
    13/14 May: (Wonderful Copenhagen)
    20/21 May: MIXED TOUR 2
    25/28 May: (Rotterdam)
    10/11 June: MIXED TOUR 3
    24/25 June: MIXED NATIONALS
    8/9 July: TOUR 1 (A, B & Womens)
    29/30 July: TOUR 2
    19/20 August: TOUR 3
    16/17 September: OPEN & WOMENS NATIONALS
    12-19 November: WUCC, Perth, Australia.
  • Ultimate featured by
  • This website can now be reached using
  • 2004 Summer league | 2004 Cuppers
  • Student squad photos
  • Tournament reports
  • Our midweek evening practices generally follow the Summer Time Rule :
    Start: Last Sunday in March
    End: Last Sunday in October
What's old
Cambridge Ultimate sweatshirt

David J.C. MacKay, Strange Blue
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