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How Cambridge Ultimate works

Cambridge Ultimate is the coalition of all people who play ultimate in Cambridge. This includes students, townspeople, postdocs, transients, migrants, and anyone who turns up on Jesus Green with an urge to chase plastic.

Strange Blue is the name of an ultimate team (or sometimes two) sent to tournaments by Cambridge Ultimate. [Some members of Cambridge Ultimate play for other teams at tournaments, so they are not in Strange Blue. They are still valued members of Cambridge Ultimate.]

Cambridge University Ultimate Frisbee Club is a University club started within Cambridge Ultimate so that we can be represented in student handbooks, societies fairs, etc. This club has a president, secretary, treasurer, and senior treasurer, all of whom are University types.

The student squad is an all-student ultimate team, usually going by the name Strange Blue, which is sent to student tournaments, and to the Varsity match. Most tournaments in the UK are open tournaments, however, so usually the teams we send are mixed - town+gown, as well as ladies+gents.

The people who keep things going are a collection of volunteers from the whole of Cambridge Ultimate. While only students can be officers of the Cambridge University Ultimate Frisbee Club, anyone at all is welcome to be a part of this elite leadership.

Officers: Mark Ioffe - President, Nathan Kettle - Junior Treasurer, Mike Fletcher - Secretary, Jassy Drakulic - Social Secretary, Sandy Scott - Official Geek and Rob Schumacher - Development officer.

David J.C. MacKay, Strange Blue
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