Brighton report

From: "R.E. Turner" ret26
Here's the report I've written on the weekend for Varsity,
Well done everyone,

Cambridge extended their winning streak to 13 games last weekend as they
claimed the title of South East Champions.
Strange Blue, Cambridge Universitys Ultimate Frisbee team, have grown in
stature over the past year.  Lessons have been learned from the painful
Varsity match defeat and disappointing Nationals result of last season.
Having stormed to success in the prestigious Sheffield tournament in
October, South East Regionals proved to be a sterner test of Cambridges
resolve and tenacity.
The team breezed through the initial stages of Saturdays pool play.  The
highlight being a 15-0 drubbing of Surrey University where financial
incentive brought the full force of Cambridges offence to bare on the
opposition.  New recruits Blake Shaffer and Mark Ansdell, quickly adapted
to their roles and it was not until the semi-finals that our team broke
into a sweat.
Cambridge have a history of tight matches against the experienced Imperial
University; the last two have gone into sudden death.  However, Strange
Blue had done their homework.  Observation of previous games revealed that
Imperial were adopting Cambridges old offensive set-up  a style with
frailties of which Cambridge were only too aware.  Using intelligent
poaching from Jon Harris and Matt Harwood the Londoners structure was
rendered inoperable.  Robin Holden typified the Cambridge defence, putting
his attacker under unrelenting pressure and diving to within a hairs
breadth of the disc on one memorable occasion.  Ben Brinded made sure that
Imperial paid for every turnover.  Cambridge cantered home 9 to 2.
Portsmouth had ambled through the other half of the draw, mirroring
Cambridges efficient progress.  A partisan crowd, numbering into the
hundreds, gathered anticipating an exciting, hard fought and high quality
final; they were not to be disappointed.  Portsmouth started extremely
strongly and early signs were ominous from Strange Blue.  Playing with an
intensity far surpassing that faced in previous encounters this term,
Portsmouth forced 3 consecutive turnovers.  Patient offensive work ensured
that each one was converted.  Despite Anna Nelsons cool headed,
intelligent offensive contribution, Cambridge found themselves down 4-1.
However the team has moved on from the times when this poor start would
have fazed them.  Indeed they used it to inspire a spell of the most
intensive, athletic and unrelenting defence they have ever produced.
Every player contributed: Marc Guilbert pulled out three diving, defensive
grabs  one after being remarkably wrong footed  to go with a huge point
block.  Mark Ansdell and Rich Turner added a number of layouts of their
own and it was testament to the all round performance that three stall
outs were forced.  As if to demoralise the opposition further, Matt
Harwood launched a speculative, pitch length long hammer to the very
corner of the end zone.  Sprinting half the length of the pitch, diving
full length and snatching the disc, one handed, an inch off the ground was
MVP, Richard Turner.  So it was that Strange Blue took 8 straight points
and wrapped up the final in fine style to be crowned the best team in the
South East.
With a Nationals birth secured, Cambridge head to Loughbourgh hoping to
secure a top position.  With the ability to raise their defensive game to
new levels, an effective, adaptive offence and a wealth of confidence and
experience, the team are well equipped for the task.