CAM 98
Open & Juniors Ultimate tournaments

Cambridge Rugby Union Club, Grantchester Road. June 6-7 1998

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Mission statement

CAM 98 will be a high quality ultimate event consisting of two tournaments -
an Open division, and a Junior division.

General stuff

Invitations are going out soon. All teams are welcome. Captains meeting is 9.30am. First game will be ON TIME at 10.00am

Games will be interleaved so Juniors can watch Open games and so that Juniors' coaches can play for their own open team.


Venue is Cambridge Rugby Football Ground, Grantchester Road.

Changing rooms and showers included. Parking is available next to the field. The rugby club has a bar (no under-18s).

Food will be available. Free tea / coffee will also be provided. We hope to get St Johns Ambulance to come.


| Camping on field is available, for free. | Guest-house information is on the net. |

Tournament cost - to be confirmed

85 pounds per team maximum, hopefully less. Juniors: 60 pounds per team maximum.


Cambridge can be reached easily by train; bikes are permitted on the trains to Cambridge from London Kings Cross and Liverpool St.

An Ascii map is available, and the relevant corner of it is reproduced below.

Grantchester Road is a left turn from Barton Road, as you go out of Cambridge, opposite Wolfson College.
The Cambridge Rugby Club is on the right just after the last house.
Those coming by car from outside Cambridge (from any direction) are STRONGLY encouraged to approach from the M11, junction 12, along Barton Road (A603) so as to avoid congestion, which can be bad. Grantchester Road is then a right turn, opposite Wolfson College.

Map of the vicinity

 ||                      |Grange /    |    \_     \     \                    
 ||                      |Road  O      \_    \_    \ Parker's piece          
/||\   Barton Road       |     / \_      \_    \_   \    /Kelsey Kerridge    
-||-O------------+------++----'    \_      \_  E \   \  /                    
\||/   A 603     |      |H   *       \       \    ++--+' <-Lensfield Rd      
 ||              | SR   |KR       Fen `-------=---+    \                     
 || Junc         +--<---+        Causeway    /    |-----\____Railway Station 
 || 12    xxxxPPP|      |                   /     |Batman\                   
M11       xxxxxxx|vvvvvv|         River Cam/      |  St.  \
          xxxxxxx|vvvvvv C    (upper river)  Trumpington   \                 
          xxxxxx |                               Road       Hills Road       
xx Cambridge Rugby Ground  PPP parking
vv Trinity ground          C   St. Catharine's changing room)        
H  Hat and Feathers pub    *   Co-op supermarket
SR Selwyn Road (one way street)                                              
KR Kings Road                                                                

Please register your team for CAM98 by contacting -

Dora Kemp 25 Greystoke Road, Cherry Hinton, Cambridge. CB1 4DT 01223 243156 (h) 01223 339336 (w) (email or work phone are best)

Registration deadline: Saturday 30th May.

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