Strange Blue

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Here is John's proposed disc design

What do people think of it? Email David ( Note it's just a one-colour design. I've displayed various choices for the colour of the pattern and the disc. We will be able to choose several colour combinations. It might look best with the "rainbow" print, which produces a rainbow of colours. The small words in the middle say "Strange Blue". The current Cambridge disc design is included at the bottom.
Black on white
Red on white
Blue on white
Purple on white
Gold on white
Blue on Yellow-green
Blue on Orange
The current disc design
Dear Ultimaters,
        John (Olivier's bro) has come up with a new 
disc hot stamp design.

What do people think of this design? Shall we 
get discraft to make 200 of them for us?

Issues to think about are: 
        1. do we like it ?
        2. would we give it away as Xmas presents
                to family?  
        3. Do we reckon other ulti players in Britain 
                would buy it?

The raw cost per disc would be a little smaller than 
previous designs, since this one has only one colour in it.
We'd probably still sell them for 5 pounds, but could 
sell them for less for bulk buys and for juniors.

Replies to me please.



David J.C. MacKay, Strange Blue