Strange Blue 1996 Ultimate photos

Photographer: Al; Scanning: Mike

Contents: |Ross 96|Lurkers 96|Portraits|

Pictures from Ross 96

team.ross.gif (131K)
The team: Phil, Karsten, Alice, Darren, Natalie, Adrian, Andy, David,
Al, Ian and Sue

Pictures from Lurkers 96 (plate winners, Strange Blue)

team2.lurkers.jpg (70K)
The team: James Dora
Natalie Greg Marie-Christine Ian
Alice Al David
Richard Graham Adrian Phil
Dora's airbed. [at church: Mike]
lurkers-celeb.jpg (85K)
w.arms.adrian.gif (85K)
Adrian catching
david.throw.gif (83K)
David throws it
greg.air.gif (114K)
Greg catches it - FRESH AIR!
gcatch.gif (90K)
Graham playing tennis
whncatch.gif (106K)
Adrian practising Nordic skiing
gh.manicure.gif (120K)
Urgent team manicure at the sideline
p.more.d.lurk.gif (135K)
Phil in action against Catch 22
phild.gif (114K)
Phil's going to get it
r.catch.lurk.gif (110K)
Richard hiding the disc in the endzone
sb.stack.lurk.gif (191K)
Lining up at Lurkers - Ginny, Graham?, Phil, Greg, James, Marie-Christine
sky.gif (86K)
Unidentified players skying

Lurkers 96 special subcategory: Mike making huge catches in the endzone

m.grat.WOW.gif (108K)
Don't try this at home, children
mike.HUGE.gif (108K)
Or this! (106K)
he's a flying Nike advertisement

Strange Blue Portrait Gallery

whn.alice.gif (27K)
al.catch.gif (45K)
Al catching
graham.gif (26K)
greg.gif (25K)
j.sixties.gif (55K)
m-c.gif (25K)
n.stretch.ross.gif (90K)